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Trans Siberian Train.
# 1 : Saturday 23-4-2016 @ 18:48
If anyone is Interested in doing a trip from Moscow to Beijing via Mongalia, Dublin fly to Moscow, train the rest to Beijing, fly to Dublin. Interested people please reply, Male Female, Mature.... Thanks...time period
Sept...October Trans Siberian express....
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# 2 : Sunday 24-4-2016 @ 21:52
Is this an organisational outing or personal?

Not sure what time period means?
# 3 : Sunday 24-4-2016 @ 21:53
As a Russian I think that from mid-September might be bleak in the early winter of southern Siberia.
# 4 : Monday 25-4-2016 @ 12:44
Personal, Straight or Gay, Male or female, self organised, free and easy. One in a lifetime trip . very easygoing person, everything pay your own
Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia
# 5 : Monday 25-4-2016 @ 12:47
Looking at the forecast it looked like 17/18°
In Mongolia Its only in the "looking at" state now but there can be beauty in bleak....thanks...
# 6 : Tuesday 26-4-2016 @ 14:29
Good luck - were you inspired by Joanna Lumley's TV show by any chance?
Reply Website
# 7 : Tuesday 26-4-2016 @ 14:57
Someone said :
There can be beauty in bleak....

Nice.. at the same time, watching folks using welding torches to unfreeze petrol in the tank is, slightly unnerving..
# 8 : Wednesday 4-5-2016 @ 06:54
Sept october would be ideal weather 18° approx....
# 9 : Wednesday 4-5-2016 @ 06:56
Hi no but must find it, thanks....
# 10 : Wednesday 4-5-2016 @ 13:07
This is actually on my bucket list
Cant see me doing it in September though unless I win the loto

Ps you can get a video of the whole trip now
# 11 : Wednesday 4-5-2016 @ 17:02
I'm not trying to be a spoil sport. I've done the Trans-Siberian railway journey twice. The main reason being that it was safe compared to flying for 12 hours on an Ilyushin-96 aircraft. These days Aeroflot use Boeing 777 or Airbus 330 aircraft.
The train journey is long and not without it's difficulties. The monotony of endless pine forests can jar, as can the industrial areas of Siberia. The main way to get the best of the trip is to stop at some of the cities which the journey covers.
I would recommend Yaroslavl, a great Monastic city with wonderful ensembles of construction from the 17th and 18th centuries. Ekaterinburg - the great capital of Siberia, it's a sophisticated business hub. Irkutsk - simply to see the amazing Lake Baikal, the city itself is traditional and it's "real" Russia. Vladivostok is an amazing city which encompasses both east and west.
Two words of warning, all times for travel in Russia - no matter where you are in the Federation - are set at Moscow time, the clocks in the railways stations and in timetables reflect the time it is in Moscow. Secondly - the fearless Mosquitoes, which Siberia is famous for.
No need to stock up on fresh food in Moscow, the food on the train is reasonable, both in quality and price. At every stop the platform will be full of people selling fresh fruits, pastries, breads etc.
Needless to say visa requirements for each stop must be adhered to. The Embassy of Russia in Dublin is not always consistent with advice so it's good to hear that of travelers who themselves have made the journey.
# 12 : Wednesday 4-5-2016 @ 18:50
Really interesting Leon. Thanks for sharing
# 13 : Thursday 5-5-2016 @ 19:23
Hi no but must find it, thanks....
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