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No More Water Charge? They Will Increase The Bin Charges!
# 1 : Wednesday 27-4-2016 @ 06:58
Off course they can stop charging for water. They have another charge that is going up in July when the bins they are going to be charged by weight. And that they can increase as much as they want no one will not pay!

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# 2 : Wednesday 27-4-2016 @ 08:00
No relation to the water charges. The bin charges go to private companies, they will have to find the funds from other sources.
# 3 : Wednesday 27-4-2016 @ 08:35
Bin charges were already going up.
# 4 : Wednesday 27-4-2016 @ 11:32
Bin charges have nothing to do with water charges as they go to private companies. Water will probably now be paid for by an increase in Property Tax or by the retention of the USC. This will mean that people on Group Water Schemes or people with their own wells will pay on the double as they already pay for the collection and cleaning of their water.
# 5 : Wednesday 27-4-2016 @ 12:03
I doubt that you are on the next political scandal, but in fairness to you there is a public element to bin charges: levies for disposing of waste at landfill site.

They can be, like cigarette taxes, increased on the back of public policies: who will oppose increased landfill waste disposal levies?

But that will be very visible, and cannot cover the amounts at play with the water charge or household tax.
Plus it would hardly be discreet if part of that money went to water...

See what happened 3 years ago: http://www.irishtimes.com/news/environment/collection-firms-to-ra etc ...
Collection firms to raise bin charges
Move follows levy increase of €10 per tonne for disposing waste at landfill sites

# 6 : Wednesday 27-4-2016 @ 16:30
That's very condescending!

You will see. They did the same with tobacco and road tax and tolls in France: increase a tax on something people are paying anyway!
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