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Non Random Thoughts..
# 436 : Wednesday 2-8-2017 @ 18:26
Man 3 days to go before my contract is up, can't be arsed doing any work!
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# 437 : Wednesday 2-8-2017 @ 18:41
Someone said :
Man 3 days to go before my contract is up, can't be arsed doing any work!

I wouldn't do a tap
# 438 : Wednesday 2-8-2017 @ 18:49
Yeah I'm really not bothered. No one checks on what you doing, they just do an average of tasks completed every month or so but since I'm leaving it doesn't matter.
# 439 : Thursday 3-8-2017 @ 08:58
I left my fancy water bottle on the bus! D'oh!!!
# 440 : Thursday 3-8-2017 @ 14:55
Someone said :
I left my fancy water bottle on the bus! D'oh!!!

My brain didn't engage properly for a minute there Frodo, and I was imagining you sitting on the bus with a fancy hot water bottle
# 441 : Thursday 3-8-2017 @ 15:02

# 442 : Friday 4-8-2017 @ 11:42
Complaining works. Just got an overdraft refunded by my bank for the second time in a couple of months! They were entitled to charge me but I hate this stupid charges, it doesn't actually cost the bank anything if I'm overdrawn a few euro for a couple of days so I always make a fuss when they charged me.
# 443 : Monday 7-8-2017 @ 22:00
How do I get myself into these sticky situations
# 444 : Tuesday 8-8-2017 @ 22:12
That whole British model story who says she was kidnapped is bizarre.

She's milking it. Loving every minute.
# 445 : Monday 21-8-2017 @ 14:03
# 446 : Tuesday 22-8-2017 @ 17:31
Someone said :
Made second blog post a out being in a Triad etc ...

Very deep dude, but well done on a great blog, I prefer the simpler things in life though, are you not afraid your head exploding.?
# 447 : Wednesday 23-8-2017 @ 10:28

Define simpler things?
It's honestly not all that complicated, albeit I think i have it easier compared to what read and hear about second hand. I think our dynamic is kept simple enough by staying closes and not an open relationship.
# 448 : Thursday 24-8-2017 @ 18:19
26 days to go and I can finally snuggle the baby I've been talking to every night for months
# 449 : Tuesday 29-8-2017 @ 07:16
I wonder which banned member that spammer is?

How infantile
# 450 : Tuesday 29-8-2017 @ 07:53
It's surely a programme or some type of automated thing?
Surely nobody would go to this much trouble to waste people's time? (like 'by hand')

In fact, if this were done by hand that's kinda stupid;
It would mean they've at the very least also wasted that amount of their own time? (i.e., the time it took to do it?
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