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National Honesty Day (Can You Spend A Day Without A Single Lie)
# 1 : Saturday 30-4-2016 @ 18:36
Can you be honest 100% all day, at least today for National Honest Day?
http://www.independent.ie/entertainment/banter/revealed-the-three etc ...

I must admit to one lie today: I do not have a "brother" but he is my best friend from childhood, and I never told him before today but I had a crush on him as a kid, so I consider him as my brother.

Sorry Gaire for lying today!
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# 2 : Saturday 30-4-2016 @ 20:31
Reading this, it only occured to me I haven't spoken yet today... huh. I wonder can there be non-verbal ( and non-literate) types of lying?

Edit: lying down
# 3 : Saturday 30-4-2016 @ 20:36
Yes I can !
# 4 : Sunday 1-5-2016 @ 02:05
Met a Garda checkpoint being set up just now and told one of them that I really appreciated what they were doing under difficult circumstances, he thanked me and said he would share that with his colleagues,then he beat me on the head with his baton and said "Dennis said you didn't pay your water charges you bollox",it left me confused and a little concussed,if i'm entirely honest.
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