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August 27th-28th - Countryside Gaire Meet? Donegal?
 Poll Choices 5 Total Votes
20.00% / 1 Vote
20.00% / 1 Vote
40.00% / 2 Votes
20.00% / 1 Vote
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# 1 : Monday 13-6-2016 @ 10:29
Would there be an interest for something in Donegal, on the last week-end of August?
See poll to vote for location.

Depending on interest it could be a hiking week-end, with or without a Gourmet Meet.
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# 2 : Monday 13-6-2016 @ 11:41
I don't think there's anything in Gweedore. There's a hotel? I missed all signs of villagedom, if it does exist. But maybe Clannad made it up.
# 3 : Monday 13-6-2016 @ 12:17
Not exactly very central is it? Is there something going on in Donegal that night? Would Sligo pride which is happening around that time be more relevant to a gaire meet?
# 4 : Tuesday 14-6-2016 @ 23:44
I'd be interested but in London then,maybe a mini meet there.."Flameon, can you HEAR me".?
# 5 : Wednesday 15-6-2016 @ 11:48
A recent thread was shot down because the author was not willing to set a date or a place.
The time is set, the place is open, as long as it is in Ireland and in the country side: this is for people interested in "not a city meet".

It could be like: meet in Donegal for breakfast, take bus to Gleann Cholm Cille, go for a hike, evening back in Donegal for a Gourmet Meet.
# 6 : Friday 22-7-2016 @ 15:49
FAO Everyone : Please do not disrupt event topics with trolling comments. Doing so may result in a temporary ban.
# 7 : Friday 22-7-2016 @ 16:00
With these polls, we get only one vote, but I'd be happy with either Donegal or Letterkenny.
# 8 : Friday 22-7-2016 @ 16:01
Is it a camping trip?
# 9 : Saturday 23-7-2016 @ 11:51
Someone said :
Is it a camping trip?

It is not.
If anyone actually shows genuine interest there will be two parts:
1- Walking trip from Gleann Cholm Cille on the early afternoon of the 27th August 2016.
2- Then bus or drive to Letterkenny for Dinner on the evening of the same 27th August 2016.
3- Then possibly brunch on Sunday in Donegal on the 28th August 2016, before heading back to Dublin.
Someone said :
With these polls, we get only one vote, but I'd be happy with either Donegal or Letterkenny.

You can always join for the "Gourmet meet" on the 27th in Letterkenny, or the brunch in Donegal.

Any-one (probably only 1 to be fair!) interested in any of the 3 items list, is welcome to drop me an email, even if they express interest in this thread.
(I have no issue with messers, after all they gave their name to the Mess Hall )
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