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# 16 : Tuesday 26-7-2016 @ 22:02
Ballymun is a beautiful spot and reasonable another lovely spot is darndale very friendly people there
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# 17 : Tuesday 26-7-2016 @ 22:19
Donnybrook is genteel, lively, has Herbert Park, beside town.

(If you can find Portobello, you should be able to find the CAPS LOCK)
# 18 : Wednesday 27-7-2016 @ 00:30
If I was 71. I'd leave New York. Would I move to Stoneybatter or anywhere in Dublin? No!
# 19 : Wednesday 27-7-2016 @ 00:53
Inchicore Road should be fine. The War Memorial Gardens are beautiful with the Liffey beside them. Inchicore Road is close enough to the city centre.
# 20 : Wednesday 27-7-2016 @ 17:34
Have you heard of Donald Trump? And the fact that there are 300,000 guns in this country? And that we use them in a continuing racial war? Time to move on.
# 21 : Wednesday 27-7-2016 @ 17:52
Someone said :
Donnybrook is genteel, lively, has Herbert Park, beside town.

(If you can find Portobello, you should be able to find the CAPS LOCK)

Yes. Don't know why first posts kept coming up in CAPS. A mystery. And yes, again, Donnybrook does look good. Like Sandymount. High prices. I'm going over in October and scout some properties. Just wanted to get a perspective from some real people. Assuming you are real. Thanks, MC
# 22 : Thursday 28-7-2016 @ 00:18
Depends on how far you want to live from city, I have lived in Glenageary, Shankill and now Bray, they are all nice areas with parks and good public amenities, never had hassle, Sandymount, Ranelagh, Clontarf, Castleknock, Maladide, Dun Laoire, Blackrock, Killney, Dalkey and Sandycove are all good areas.
# 23 : Tuesday 1-5-2018 @ 01:38
My husband and I are looking at moving to Ireland from the US as well. Do you have any recommendations?
# 24 : Tuesday 1-5-2018 @ 03:41

That's a terrible thing to say, look nowhere in Ireland will ever be 100% homophobia free but that's because of individuals not communities. Most people don't consider themselves "Gay friendly" or "Gay Tolerant" they just mind their own business and to be honest wouldn't care less about your business. To tar one community as "unsafe" because of the actions of a few is ridiculous. It is like saying "I once met a gay guy and he was camp ergo all gay guys are camp". Look around, it is not like you can just land in Dublin and move into a house straight away (not nowadays anyway) so really you'll have no choice.

The housing crisis is so bad in Dublin now that it is not the slightest bit unusual for 4 or 5 guys to be sharing a house or apartment so unless you are actually panning on knocking on all your neighbours doors with pink flyers saying "Hey we're gay" no one will even notice or care.
# 25 : Tuesday 1-5-2018 @ 08:02
My husband and I live in Kilmainham. He's American (73yo). Lived here for 18 years now. As an area it's definitely picked up in recent years with the recent investment in the local tourist attraction (Kilmainham Gaol). As others have said, there's nice stuff in the locality. The modern art museum is there as is the war memorial gardens which are lovely.

Best of luck with your move.
# 26 : Tuesday 1-5-2018 @ 08:55
What would you like to know? Are any of the other comments helpfull?
# 27 : Tuesday 1-5-2018 @ 11:11
It depends on the area can be quite surprised

My partner and I have a house in Skerries and we have absolutely no problems at all

We love our neighbours and pretty sure everyone in the town knows we are gay

There are some rough areas in Dublin, but that doesnt necessarily mean you will have trouble.

My family live in north inner city Dublin (quite rough) and we have no issues there either

If you can afford Dublin 6 or 8 or the city center then I'd recommend there as they are close enough to the city and should be friendly enough

But then again it all just depends. You may have a little trial and error, as you get a**holes everywhere
# 28 : Tuesday 1-5-2018 @ 17:42
Someone said :
My husband and I are looking at moving to Ireland from the US as well. Do you have any recommendations?

If you were more specific about what type of existence you seek we could probably be more helpful.. Do you seek city living with lots of Museums/pubs/concert venues/comedy clubs/art galleries etc. or are you looking for a more peaceful country life.?
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