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Straight And Friendly, Or Gay And Interested.
# 1 : Tuesday 26-7-2016 @ 17:45
I suppose this is a topic about two things,

One, I became suddenly aware today as I was looking at my new jumper, my flourescept orange headphones and batman tshirt, of a particular gay subculture I found myself subscribed too (much to my own surprise) will call "gaymercubs".

I would describe a typical gaymer as a mid 20's, mid 30's ("generation Y") cubbish men, who dress in either childish or ironically geekish clothes (Zelda jumpers, Cardigans, X-Men caps, anime T-shirts, Tennis shoes) and socialize by talking about computer games, anime, Comics, RPGs and Table top games and music that mostly revolves the theme tunes of Kids TV shows they saw growing up in the 90s.

The second part of this topic, is a more general time honored gay problem.

How can you tell, if someone you met in a public setting (i.e., a bar) who you "hit it off" with, is a straight man and you share interests with, or a gay dude who is interested?

"Oh, yeah cool, you like the captain planet theme tune? want to go steady?"

Video Link :
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# 2 : Tuesday 26-7-2016 @ 17:53
You ask?
# 3 : Tuesday 26-7-2016 @ 18:39
Ha ha, you know it might actually just be easier.
# 4 : Tuesday 26-7-2016 @ 19:07
It's been a good few years since I was single, but if I had felt some bond with someone in a conversation I just asked but usually it was inferred already or information was already given on their sexuality and relationship status. If not ask! It could be slightly awkward but usually not!
# 5 : Tuesday 26-7-2016 @ 22:15
Easy: engage a conversation on the sexuality of super-heroes.

Either from the point of view of Lycra-packaged packages, or the recent trend of openly lesbian super-hero(in)es.
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