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Nervous Beginner
# 1 : Monday 1-8-2016 @ 18:04
Hi all! I've recently become really interested in trying something different! I'm a straight male but looking at TS/TV/CG but I'm quite nervous! I'm also finding it difficult to find suitable people in my location in Mayo! Any advice? Or anyone interested or in the same boat for that matter?
# 2 : Monday 1-8-2016 @ 19:19
Don't be nervous.
I am sure you will find a lot of people in the classified, for your area, looking for something similar.

Just try to be as respectful to those you classify as TS/TV/CG as you have been taught to be to any play-mate, as they are entitled to be more than a label, initials, or a fantasy, and I am sure you will find someone respectful of your own desires.
# 3 : Monday 1-8-2016 @ 19:45
Hey, thanks very much! Really appreciate that! I'd be very respectful anyway so that's not really an issue. It's just hard to get the ball rolling
# 4 : Monday 1-8-2016 @ 21:46
Excellent advice and definitely no need to be nervous. Not sure what the "suitable people" part of your post means but there are lots of lovely girls on here so just say hi and chat as you would with anyone you would want to get to know better.
# 5 : Monday 1-8-2016 @ 22:05
Ah sorry, by "suitable" I mean it's hard to distinguish between what profile is genuine and which is a troll like! Have experienced time wasters etc. Have you had much experience?
# 6 : Thursday 17-11-2016 @ 20:24
hi.. im an open minded cd..
im your age.. ill sit and chat to you about what ever u like too
im a normal person under the clothes and make up
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