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Rio Olympics
# 31 : Sunday 14-8-2016 @ 14:03
Mo Farah is a legend.
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# 32 : Sunday 14-8-2016 @ 14:45
Someone said :
Wow GB are doing fantastic in the medals table.

Yes they're doing very well, the pre-London investment still paying off no doubt.

It's Australia and Hungary that I'm more impressed by, up there with countries much bigger than them.

Eastern Europe always seems to do very well. They must have a great sporting culture over there.
# 33 : Sunday 14-8-2016 @ 16:54
True, Australia is also benefitting from their own Olympic investments back in 2000.
# 34 : Monday 15-8-2016 @ 15:20
Katie out. Bollocks.
# 35 : Monday 15-8-2016 @ 18:12
Poor Katie. Was never so enamored with her as in the post fight comments. Such grace and poise. Katie you are an inspiration and an Irish sporting hero regardless.
# 36 : Monday 15-8-2016 @ 21:00
I think Katie Taylor came across as a bit unstable in that interview.
# 37 : Monday 15-8-2016 @ 21:08
She must feel like it's the end of the world.
# 38 : Monday 15-8-2016 @ 21:10
Someone said :
I think Katie Taylor came across as a bit unstable in that interview.

Just watched that interview. My heart went out to her.

There might be stuff going on in her personal life that could be affecting her fights. She mentioned she's had a tough 12 months and seemed to break down at the mere mention of this.
# 39 : Monday 15-8-2016 @ 21:32
I hope she stays away from us for a long while.

# 40 : Monday 15-8-2016 @ 21:34
Someone said :
I hope she stays away from us for a long while.


You need a slap sometimes!!
# 41 : Tuesday 16-8-2016 @ 14:38
Any sport that relies on judges scores must be so hard to prepare for. At least with running and swimming you are in charge of your own performance.
# 42 : Tuesday 16-8-2016 @ 17:55
Russia really take the gold in bribery and corruption, Conlon was robbed.

# 43 : Wednesday 17-8-2016 @ 00:42
Conlon won the first round, brilliant sparring, feinting, on the back foot, gets in the best smacks.

Conlon wins the second round, completely different style, brawling, hooking, battering the Russian.

Conlon shades the third round, by now the Russian is dying on his feet with head down and gloves up, gets in a few good smacks but in any recent Olympics, you would have said the Russian is fucked now.

The Russian wins.

It was a shit decision. Conlon was easier the better fighter. But the scoring has been nobbled. Instead of counting the hits, now it's on things like aggression and generalship, or in other words - personal opinion. Appeals of decisions are not allowed now. The scoring system is so confusing that every second hand account I've read gives a different version. All this makes it possible for travesties to occur.

Worth bearing in mind that in the fight the other night where the Russian Tischecko won on a dodgy decision - one of the judges was Irish.

Side note: Angry Michael Conlon is sexy as fuck.
# 44 : Wednesday 17-8-2016 @ 09:15
Will the Irish Athletic Boxing Association do something about this, appeal? Can they?
# 45 : Wednesday 17-8-2016 @ 09:16
Great news, a second medal for Ireland, Annalise Murphy got it in sailing.
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