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Me; "I'm Gay"... Girl; "I Don't Believe You"
# 16 : Sunday 9-10-2016 @ 02:08
There's actually back story too, The previous week she was talking to my brother after a gig.
Sometimes we get people come up immediately after a gig (like 7 seconds after our last song, no chance for a drink or to nip to the toilet), and they'll just start talking to you and keep talking to you and shaking your hand for literally 20 minutes if you don't make a polite but firm excuse to end the conversation.
It's usually promises of obscure bookings "I have a friend who runs a pub and he'd love you" or "My sisters husband's cousin is having a baptism party".
Sometimes, as in this case, it's "people who want you to know they sing or play". I was watching it as I was dismantling equipment and she must have been chatting (I say chatting, it was "talking-at-whilst-cornering") my brother for about 15 minutes. She then started giving musical examples of the songs she sang in this or that place, and eventually she was just singing, full voice, right into his face and he just stared at her in disbelief looking for a way to end the conversation.

I went over, (I almost had to physically turn her around) and very loudly and assertively told her to "stop singing at us", that we've just finished a long gig and that we have gear to pack away.

I'd love to say that must "explain things then", but if anything it just makes it more confusing.
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# 17 : Sunday 9-10-2016 @ 07:51
Just sounds like she was drunk or on her way to getting there
# 18 : Sunday 9-10-2016 @ 13:27
my brother reckon she was sober (from Alcohol) but probably on pills or something
# 19 : Sunday 9-10-2016 @ 13:44
If she was on the pill he was good to go!
# 20 : Sunday 9-10-2016 @ 16:25
Someone said :
my brother reckon she was sober (from Alcohol) but probably on pills or something

Probably or perhaps just neurotic.
# 21 : Sunday 9-10-2016 @ 17:53
If she was caterwauling in yer brothers face then some drink was definitely imbibed. Likewise her more recent conversation with you smacks of mildly inappropriate tipsy behaviour. Harmless enough carry on from a super fan.
# 22 : Monday 10-10-2016 @ 00:53
I used to get attention like that after a local gig and loved it though when it would get rosemantic then that's when the panic would set in, on an away gig I would start packing up immediately and let the other wasters do the friendly yaps. Good to have the auld fans though ain't it.?
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