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Chinese Take Aways - Overrated?
# 16 : Friday 14-10-2016 @ 21:06
Someone said :
Which reminds me....shite!! I forgot to have that Chinese curry I promised myself tonight. Just not hungry enough for it

Always tommorrow night
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# 17 : Friday 14-10-2016 @ 22:59
Someone said :
Always tommorrow night

Yeah exactly. Thats the plan
# 18 : Friday 14-10-2016 @ 23:04
Interesting article on the very first Chinese eateries in Dublin - the first opened way back in the 50s! etc ...
# 19 : Saturday 15-10-2016 @ 22:40
I wouldn't say Chinese takeaways are overrated because nobody rates them. They sell cheap, fast and filling food that feels more healthy somehow than chippers.

But...yes, the standard in Ireland is very variable among the sub ten euro places.

At the moment, the Hong Kee in Glasnevin is the one of I use for cheap take-away because the food is better than some of the others in the area.

But again ... As Sugartits says, you can make your own curry in no time.
# 20 : Saturday 15-10-2016 @ 22:46
Hung Wun in Dublin 15 is the sex and if you get the short delivery driver even better. He's a little lash.
# 21 : Sunday 16-10-2016 @ 13:37
Someone said :
Hung Wun in Dublin 15 is the sex and if you get the short delivery driver even better. He's a little lash.

Hung Wun. It's a real place. I just googled it!
# 22 : Monday 17-10-2016 @ 22:54
Had a quick and cheap curry tonight.

Garam masala
A tin of coconut milk
Chicken breasts

Slice the onions and garlic, dice the chicken and mix the chicken in a bowl with three tablespoons of garam masala powder.

Heat a little oil gently in a wok or deep pan, and cook the onions and garlic until soft. Reduce the heat and add the chicken. And spice mixture. Still well as it fries on a low heat for a few minutes.
Add the coconut milk and stir thoroughly.

Increase the heat to medium high for five minutes then reduce to a slow stew. Add a little water if it thickens too much.

Cook the rice and that's it.

For a more adventurous curry, add ginger, chili peppers, a range of spices to taste, and some plum tomatoes. Stew for a long time and throw a fist of fresh chopped coriander in at the end.
# 23 : Tuesday 18-10-2016 @ 12:24
Sounds lovely - must try that some time. I find I can never get the chicken just right in the pan. So I usually roast it in a deep oven tray covered in tinfoil (that isn't touching the the top of breast) for 30 minutes. Comes out soft and tender and not dry and crispy as you'd expect.
# 24 : Wednesday 19-10-2016 @ 08:02
The good world on George's street and the Ming Court offer dim sum menus, Charlie's opposite the George, Westmoreland and Wexford street have an amazing Malaysian Chinese menu the Char Keow teow noodles are great drunk and sober. There are a few good authentic Chinese restaurants around Parnell Street.
# 25 : Wednesday 19-10-2016 @ 14:33
Ly Garden Chinese in Tallagh was voted best takeaway by "Just eat" customers.
Bombay Pantry in Fairview was voted best Indian takeaway with the English dish Tikka Masala being it's most popular.
Bunsen burgers on Wexford Street won best American, Wagawama for best Japanese.
Chopped salad bars won best healthy takeaway.
# 26 : Saturday 18-2-2017 @ 10:10
A friend of mine said they use squirrel meat and rat meat in some Chinese take away foods for cheap production. I don't know if its true but my friend said when the beef or chicken is tough it is not the correct meat.
# 27 : Saturday 18-2-2017 @ 10:14
# 28 : Saturday 18-2-2017 @ 10:28
not so funny when they tell you while you are eating a mouth full of it.. Who knows if it is true..
# 29 : Saturday 18-2-2017 @ 10:35
I think it's much more cost efficient to buy cheap chicken than run around trying to catch enough squirrels to make sweet and sour chicken!
# 30 : Saturday 18-2-2017 @ 10:42
I know but who knows... And as for the rats yuck.
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