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Eating Out - Then And Now
# 1 : Friday 21-10-2016 @ 18:29
I was on another web forum on the subject of eating out. We all agreed that back in the 1980s, people in Ireland ate out a lot less than now as restaurants were much more expensive relative to incomes and the pub culture was still huge. Hell, pizza and coleslaw was seen as exotic here in Ireland 35 years ago.

Eating out was a rare treat reserved for special occasions 30 years ago, and kids rarely accompanied their parents to restaurants except for fast food places like McDonalds or the local chipper.

Did you eat out in restaurants with your family when you were a child?

Share your experiences/views/memories here...
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# 2 : Friday 21-10-2016 @ 19:26
And do you remember when egg mayonnaise with shredded lettuce as a starter was the height of sophistication?
# 3 : Friday 21-10-2016 @ 20:29
I used to eat out a bit more than most kids because my parents both had friends in the industry. We used to go to this place called the Hotpot on the quays a good bit and my Dad always got a mixed grill! Remember those?

I think my parents saved to go eat out though, they never drank much then so this was how they enjoyed themselves.
# 4 : Friday 21-10-2016 @ 20:46
Someone said :
And do you remember when egg mayonnaise with shredded lettuce as a starter was the height of sophistication?

Yep, I do indeed! and Prawn Cocktail, and Chicken Maryland.

Food has moved on a bit since. Anyone remember the Swiss Chalet in Stillorgan?
# 5 : Saturday 22-10-2016 @ 20:57
I remember the first time I had pizza, wasn't impressed at all. It was pretty shitty pizza.

Loved going to chinese restaurants as a kid. The food now just doesn't taste half as good as it ddi then.
# 6 : Saturday 22-10-2016 @ 22:35
My parents didn't go to pubs and ate in restaurants quite a bit - certainly for the 1980s when restaurants were seen as only for really special occasions. My sisters and I rarely went to restaurants with them - usually it was to McDonalds or family friendly restaurants which weren't common back then. I remember going to my first Chinese restaurant with my family when I was about 7 or 8. I think it was Kingsland on Dame St.

Eating out has become so commonplace now. Many people eat out once a week or more frequently but good home cooking is great too. There is so much choice and variety in terms of food and restaurants than compared to 30 years ago.
# 7 : Sunday 23-10-2016 @ 04:57
We only got a McDonald~s in Lisbon in 1991! Even Moscow got one first and they were still communist then!

I remember once spending a whole afternoon with school mates, taking the train and then the underground to Lisbon just to go to McDonald's!
# 8 : Sunday 23-10-2016 @ 11:36

In the 80s there were lots of restaurants , they were busy , except the night dallas was on , people brought their children to eat , but during the day , you wouldn't have brought children out to eat in the evening ,
The food was French , heavy on the sauces .

Fast food was always there and pizza was commonplace
# 9 : Sunday 23-10-2016 @ 11:39
Someone said :
And do you remember when egg mayonnaise with shredded lettuce as a starter was the height of sophistication?

Where ? Cork ?
# 10 : Sunday 23-10-2016 @ 19:18
So...this isn't a cunnilingus thread then?
# 11 : Sunday 23-10-2016 @ 19:22
That's what I thought!
Then I saw the thread wasn't started by Polomint.
# 12 : Sunday 23-10-2016 @ 19:24
Someone said :
So...this isn't a cunnilingus thread then?

Yeah I was disappointed too Wheelie.
# 13 : Thursday 27-10-2016 @ 10:58
Liquor and licker can you pronounce them differently ?
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