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Porto, Portugal... Any Personal Experiences And Tips?
# 1 : Friday 28-10-2016 @ 14:11
Will be in Porto for a week starting tonight.

I've seen what people posted about Porto online.

I'm interested in what Gaireans have to say, especially those who have been there before and thus would have personal experiences to share.

Any tips/advice?
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# 2 : Friday 28-10-2016 @ 14:21
Visit one of the Port wine cellars (Croft, for example), check out the beautiful Lello bookshop

Go up the Torre dos Clerigos

# 3 : Friday 28-10-2016 @ 14:22
And if you can handle the cholesterol overdose, try a Francesinha, super rich sandwich served with a delicious sauce

A pastel de nata and espresso is also a must

Enjoy your stay!

# 4 : Friday 28-10-2016 @ 14:53
Thanks a million Frodo.
# 5 : Friday 28-10-2016 @ 15:16
If you get your fill of Oporto, take a side trip down to Coimbra. There are trains hourly, cheap. Departs Vila Nova de Gaia Arrives Coimbra-B

Check out the university, especially the library. Biblioteca Joanina (google it, look at images)

Wander the old town, check out the church that is half cafe. Café Santa Cruz

Go to the Hotel Astoria down by the river for lunch or a drink great art nouveau style building.

Great vibe in town when college is in session. Take a meander up Rue Quebra Costas (the backbreaker).

This seems a bit redundant to tell a lesbian, but, wear sensible shoes. Coimbra is a walking town and built on hills.
# 6 : Friday 28-10-2016 @ 20:06
Someone said :
This seems a bit redundant to tell a lesbian, but, wear sensible shoes. Coimbra is a walking town and built on hills.

Coimbra is pretty cool as well! Have fun, Intrepid. It's a great time of year to visit, still warm enough but with far less tourists.
# 7 : Friday 28-10-2016 @ 21:28
Take a boat trip, the views are great. If you try the franceshina, do let us know what you think, it is a very, very unique experience.
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