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Dublin Forum On PreP
# 16 : Monday 7-11-2016 @ 10:04
Someone said :
Just use condoms

Great advice but the amount of gay guys barebacking and looking on apps for bareback and the large rise in hiv diagnosed in men who have sex with men here it's clearly not working.
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# 17 : Monday 7-11-2016 @ 12:13
Someone said :
There has been a huge increase in STDs in the US since the introduction of PrEP. Coincidence?

There's a very strong argument that the increase in STI diagnoses in the US is due to cutbacks in health services and has little or nothing to do with the introduction of PrEP. This post from Project Inform looks at the data and explains why it's a mistake to blame PrEP for rising STI rates. etc ...
# 18 : Monday 7-11-2016 @ 21:05
I'm trying t figure out how an increase in diagnoses is due to cutback in health services.

An increase in diagnoses can be accompanied by (note: I'm not making a claim about cause here) a reduction in health services if a the number of those who are infected show up at the health services is sufficiently larger after the cutback to "squeeze out" more people who are not infected.
# 19 : Monday 7-11-2016 @ 21:41
I think the connection works something like this:

One of the best ways to prevent STIs is regular screening, whether or not you're symptomatic. Reduced services means people test less often, or only when they have symptoms that they notice. This means when someone acquires an STI they are more likely to transmit it to others for a longer period of time.

Beyond that, cutbacks in services means less education about prevention, fewer free condoms, fewer opportunities for people to have contact with medical professionals with expertise in sexual health, etc.

Here's another article that focuses more squarely on the connection between STIs and cuts to care and prevention programmes: etc ...
# 20 : Friday 21-4-2017 @ 15:55
The Irish Times has an opinion piece today arguing against PREP. etc ...

I think this is an argument coming down the line that gay and bisexual men need to face. Our HIV figures are still on the up. etc ... etc ...
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