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Contact Lenses?
# 1 : Friday 4-11-2016 @ 02:57
What do people think about contact lenses?

I got given some for a trial and put them in for the frist time this evening (after being shown how to do it several times)

where they differ from glasses is you have full peripheral vision.
But man, my eyes got tired fast.
My left eye "gave up" first and just said "fuck this and went blurry, and now after a wind down and two pints my right eye has followed suit.

Now I have to spent probably half an hour drunkingly yanking them out without permanently detaching my retinas accidentally.

yeah... it's a "trial" alright.
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# 2 : Friday 4-11-2016 @ 05:00
I've been using them for over 20 years with no problems. Got used really fast to putting them on and taking them off and my eyes always tolerated them well. I hate wearing glasses and could not live without them.
# 3 : Friday 4-11-2016 @ 08:49
I've tried loads - they never suit me. My eyes end up watery for hours. I'd like to be able to wear lenses - as glasses are pretty annoying at times.
# 4 : Friday 4-11-2016 @ 09:03
A friend of mine can't wear lenses for the opposite reason, his eyes are too dry and the lenses dry up in no time.
# 5 : Saturday 5-11-2016 @ 14:49
Well tonight's the night, gotta do a gig with them in tonight.
# 6 : Sunday 6-11-2016 @ 08:45
How did it go?
# 7 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 16:40
Wearing contacts again for the first time in 11 years. I had laser eye surgery but apparently 10 years is what you get from it. Found them extremely difficult to put in and take out. Hopefully I'll pick up the knack again. Soon. Like tomorrow would be nice as I'm back in work after a week off.
# 8 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 23:36
Had a new lens fitted in one eye, everything is white and clear, the other eye feels left out and everything white is of a creamier hue, but I would never put one of those yokes in my eyes, yuck.
# 9 : Saturday 26-1-2019 @ 13:14
I tried contact lenses about 20 years ago but I could feel them on my eyes and they got watery and irritated so that was that.

But when I was over on holiday in the Canaries 7 weeks ago I gave them another shot and this time I got used to them really fast. Putting them in and taking them out is a bit of hassle though.

I plan to get the laser treatment done before long.
# 10 : Wednesday 30-1-2019 @ 00:39
I had a few stressful moments with the contacts. I find it hard to tell which is the right way round. It's definitely not like riding a bike. It will take some practice to perfect.
# 11 : Wednesday 30-1-2019 @ 00:44
Someone said :
Had a new lens fitted in one eye, everything is white and clear, the other eye feels left out and everything white is of a creamier hue, but I would never put one of those yokes in my eyes, yuck.

It's a natural human reaction to be squeamish of putting your finger on your eyeball. But once you get past that you're flying. Think of the clear vision you could see out of your damaged eye. What kind of lens did you get fitted to your eye?
# 12 : Wednesday 30-1-2019 @ 01:10
I forgot I made this thread.

Basically I discovered my eyes are unusually dry and sensitive.
This makes me a bad match for contact lenses.

For Dr.Mindflip gigs I use eye drops designed to moisturize your eyes, then wear 24 hour lenses, which last me about 4 hours until I need to take them out again.

also, my left eye has astigmatism, which makes finding an appropriate lens more difficult.
# 13 : Wednesday 30-1-2019 @ 21:06
Well used to them now. Better at putting them in than taking them out. The world is much brighter
The lenses will cost €44 a month. I got the first month free on my PRSI
I can buy the exact same brand online from a wholesalers for €14 for a months supply. Happy Dayz.....
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