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# 1 : Thursday 3-6-2004 @ 14:18
I quite like tattoos and find them very attractive and sexy......on men. However over the last few years i've noticed that more and more women are getting tattoos. I don't know about the rest of you but when I see a girl with a tattoo my first thought is "Slapper". And when they open their mouth I'm proved right. Does anyone else agree that women who have tattos are common
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# 2 : Thursday 3-6-2004 @ 14:20
Tattoos on an old guy can look quite good, but on an older woman they look awful.
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# 3 : Thursday 3-6-2004 @ 15:52
That's utter crap.....I have plenty of women friends who have tattoos and they are absolute ladies. Where did you get this notion from?

Maybe you should have rephrased it to mean ...big cheap badly designed tatoos.
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# 4 : Thursday 3-6-2004 @ 15:56
Its just my opinion Jupiterkid, we all have one
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# 5 : Thursday 3-6-2004 @ 15:57
tattoos on old people are dreadful!!
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# 6 : Thursday 3-6-2004 @ 16:10
Flamey....I wasn't refering to you or your opinion - I actually agree with your opinion to some dagree. But I DO object to Flowery1973 calling women with tattoos slappers and inferring that all women with tattoos are slappers. That's patently untrue adn actually hurtful to women with tattoos.

So come on, ladies.....any one of you out there with tattoos send in a post and back me up on this!!
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# 7 : Thursday 3-6-2004 @ 16:12
I think flowery is another member just winding people up
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# 8 : Thursday 3-6-2004 @ 16:18
Flowery1973 excuse me!!! I am a women and have tattoos and I am certainly not a slapper or I am common so I take offense to those comments. Why dont you take the time and get to know the person before you start judging them.
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# 9 : Thursday 3-6-2004 @ 16:20
flowery that is a terible generalisation to make some friends of mine have tats and are some of the kindest and nicest girls about
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# 10 : Thursday 3-6-2004 @ 17:15
The problem with Tattoos is not whiter the look cheap or not but that you have the friggen things for life. Think back, how many hair styles or clothes have you thought looked great at the time but wouldn't be seen dead in now? People’s tastes change and something so permanent may seem like a good idea at the time but may not be in ten or twenty years.
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# 11 : Friday 4-6-2004 @ 01:29
well to whom it may concern,i got my first tattoo at the grand age of 40,a "little" present to myself..i,ve alway liked tattoos,so, i figured by the time i got to 40 its only pleasure is to oneself, (and to one other,lol)its a pic of my star sign.and i,m quite pleased with it..i,m a mother,a wage earner and far from a "slapper"...and as "every" ones knows, never judge a book by its cover..
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# 12 : Friday 4-6-2004 @ 01:44
Yes, yes...we've ALL heard the argument "tattoos on older people" and "how will it look when you're 80". So many people have tattoos now that it's far from different. Back in Canada almost EVERYONE my age has some kind of tatttoo ranging from a tiny one on their hip to full sleeves. By the time I'm 80 (if I should happen to live that long!) so many other people will have them and NOBODY will care.
Think before you get one and you won't regret it later.
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# 13 : Friday 4-6-2004 @ 01:50
Hi Eirelorie, welcome to Gaire !
Can't help but think your photo looks familiar.

Tatoos. I don't like them. Have seen some silly mistakes made when people were young or drunk. If you must have one, then some small in a discrete location I suppose?
The visible ones on hands, necks, faces etc.. yeah! I'll give you a job as a bank teller! What were they thinking?

To me, the body is a temple. Tatoos are graffiti.

But, that's just me.
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# 14 : Friday 4-6-2004 @ 01:58
I semi-agree with you Kevsamo...there are some poorly made choices running around out there. Mind you, any tattoo artist worth his salt would never tattoo someone drunk or underage.
This is why I believe tattoos should be thought about long and hard. Get a clear idea in your mind what you want and think about it. If after 6 months or a year (how long I waited for mine) you still want it then you know you'll be okay.
And even you have to admit Kevsamo that some graffiti is beautiful art.
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# 15 : Friday 4-6-2004 @ 02:36
First off I have never met a lady who had a tattoo. I've met lots of women with tattoo's but believe me they were not what you could call ladies. To all you women on Gaire who have tattoo's I don't know any of you so I can't and am not commenting on you (though I doubt if we did meet my opinion would be changed). I'm only talking about the dozens of women I have met who have one or more tattoo's and each and every one of them were as common as muck. I'm an employer and I would never employ a woman with a tattoo and I certainly would never be seen out in public with a woman who had one.
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