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Dead Thread 2017
# 31 : Wednesday 8-2-2017 @ 20:58
That's sad.

She did seem like a nice enough person and came across well in the numerous reality TV shows she participated in, especially I'm A Celeb.

Always just felt sorry for her - she had everything and wasted a lot of her life.

Video Link :
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# 32 : Wednesday 8-2-2017 @ 21:26
Someone said :
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has died of a brain tumour aged 45

That's very sad. She didn't have an easy life in the end.
# 33 : Thursday 9-2-2017 @ 10:53
Serge Baguet- former professional road bicycle racer. died at the age of 47.
colon cancer.
# 34 : Thursday 9-2-2017 @ 12:33
Brendan McGahon, former Fine Gael TD who opposed decriminalisation of homosexuality back in the 1990s, but changed his mind on lgb equality later when a member of his family came out. He was 80.
# 35 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 13:22
Mike Ilitch, founder of Little Caesars Pizza and owner of Tigers and Red Wings, died Friday, Feb. 10, 2017, in Detroit, according to multiple news sources. He was 87.
# 36 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 19:39
Bit late but Joost Van Der Westhuizen South African Rugby player.What a player he was.Unbeliveable.
# 37 : Sunday 12-2-2017 @ 22:44
Seven-time Grammy-winning singer dies at 76 Al Jarreau blurred the lines between jazz, soul and pop, and was called the “Acrobat of Scat.” etc ...
# 38 : Wednesday 22-2-2017 @ 08:10
Someone said :
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has died of a brain tumour aged 45

And then it turned out, it wasn't from a brain tumour. Even in death, Tara, even in death...
# 39 : Wednesday 22-2-2017 @ 08:12
Kenneth Arrow, economist who proved that a perfect voting system is impossible. He was 95, and won the 'Nobel Prize' in Economics.
# 40 : Wednesday 22-2-2017 @ 23:09
Cardinal Desmond Connell, former Archbishop of Dublin from 1988 to 2004, dead at 90.

Link: etc ...
# 41 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 21:11
Someone said :
Cardinal Desmond Connell, former Archbishop of Dublin from 1988 to 2004, dead at 90.

Link: etc ...

Time for my favourite Desmond Connell story.

When Connell's appointment as archbishop was announced in 1988, Fintan O'Toole used his column in the Irish Times to comment. The priest had no pastoral experience, and O'Toole argued he was unsuited to lead the second largest diocese in Europe with huge social problems (unemployment and poverty were sky high, heroin was a major scourge). All his priestly life Connell had been an academic. O'Toole had done his digging: Connell had done a doctorate in Louvain, which included a chapter on the theology of angels.

In parallel, the debate on decriminalising homosexuality was in the news in Ireland because David Norris had just won his case in the European Court of Human Rights. A journalist asked Connell for his views on this issue, and he replied with the standard church line at the time: that homosexuality was an 'intrinsic disorder'.

Then another journalist had the bright idea of asking Norris what he thought of what Connell thought of homosexuality. He got his answer: "The bishop may be an expert on angels, but he knows fuck all about fairies."
# 42 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 21:53
# 43 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 23:20

Connell was the uncle of my French teacher in school. I always thought he came across as arrogant and detached. His handling of the clerical child sex abuse cases in Dublin was disgraceful. I see 400 turned up for his funeral in the Pro Cathederal. That is a small number for the funeral of a cardinal. Shows how much Ireland has changed since 1988.

His successor, Diarmud Martin, is a much humbler and more in touch man.
# 44 : Sunday 26-2-2017 @ 12:25
RTÉ had a photo from upstairs in the pro-cathedral which showed empty seats. Neither the Taoiseach nor President attended, which is telling for the funeral for the primate of Ireland of the largest religion in the state. (Both sent their aides de camp .)
# 45 : Sunday 26-2-2017 @ 16:24
Actor Bill Paxton, The star of films including Aliens, Titanic and Apollo 13 died after complications from heart surgery.
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