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President Trump / Oompa Loompa News
# 616 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 21:01
Trump lost Bigly
He's not getting a wall, now or ever.
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# 617 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 21:23
That was painful to listen to. The scriptwriter must have been doing his job on the fly, holding up words for trump to vomit out slowly.
He mentioned cocaine once or twice and i wasn't sure if he was talking about its dangers or asking if anyone was holding.
He took off running though as soon as he finished talking, he was not about to try talk without assistance. I guess the wall has been put on the long finger.
# 618 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 21:26
Could the Mexicans not just build a set of stairs on their side anyways
# 619 : Friday 25-1-2019 @ 21:59
He got fooked, by a woman and not a young one this time.
# 620 : Saturday 26-1-2019 @ 17:11
Someone said :
He got fooked, by a woman and not a young one this time.

He got fucked by a much better politician ( nancy pelosi)and a right wing toxic bitch ( Ann coulter)
Now his dumb followers know he lies, flip flops and can't deliver his election pledges he's unelectable on 2020 .
Watch as he starts a war in Venezuela (oil ) to try and divert aytention away from his disasterois presidency.
# 621 : Saturday 26-1-2019 @ 17:24
He has enough dumb sheep, to fool and herd.
# 622 : Sunday 27-1-2019 @ 08:57
Not really, once his tax returns are released and he’s shown up to be broke, indebted to Russians, they know he can’t keep his promises, he’s all washed up and he knows it .
The problem is a cornered rat like him will do desperate things, that’s when it gets dangerous for us.
Btw the batshit crazy evangelicals who think he’s been sent by god will always support him - they’re awaiting the great weaving or something ( I wish they’d just give us a date for when it’s supposed to happen so we could laugh at them when it doesn’t )
# 623 : Sunday 27-1-2019 @ 11:12
His credibility is crippled now, limping to the next election and there are a lot of idiots out there with a vote.
# 624 : Monday 28-1-2019 @ 09:10
Hopefully trump will resign or be impeached or arrested this year.
Nancy Pelosi will put manners on him, expect a daily hissy fit.
# 625 : Tuesday 5-2-2019 @ 11:46
Trump claims his orange colour is ...natural

Steve bannons face is trumps face without whatever make up / tan concoction he puts on it
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