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Sky Q Box
# 1 : Tuesday 7-2-2017 @ 18:57
Has anyone here upgraded from the sky+ HD box to the Q?

I keep on meaning to ring them up to inquire. What with having a 4K TV (and the picture being great as it is) it would be so much better with the Q. I think its like €120 installation cost or something like that.

Anyone have anything good/bad to say about Sky Q?
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# 2 : Tuesday 7-2-2017 @ 21:55
Have it, it's good and If you have Sky already why is it 120?
# 3 : Tuesday 7-2-2017 @ 22:14
I thought I saw that price quoted. Could be wrong.

Anyway whats good about it?
# 4 : Wednesday 8-2-2017 @ 11:14
Someone said :
I thought I saw that price quoted. Could be wrong.

Anyway whats good about it?

Too much info to give you, can you look it up on and decide for yourself?
# 5 : Wednesday 8-2-2017 @ 12:32
Thanks for the insight......
# 6 : Wednesday 8-2-2017 @ 14:53
Someone said :
Thanks for the insight......

It has 1tb of memory, you can record multiple shows and picture is good.
# 7 : Thursday 9-2-2017 @ 10:15
I did and it is great. And easy to use. And watching movies is great as the colour is great and you can record a whole series and catch up on programs as well. The only thing I can say is if you live in an area with poor WiFi access you may need a booster for the mini sky Q box in the other room but other then that great.
# 8 : Thursday 9-2-2017 @ 14:58
Thanks Warhol. I'm hoping the picture will be crystal making the change from HD to UHD.

Deffo next thing on my list to do.
# 9 : Friday 10-2-2017 @ 11:15
NO problem at all.
# 10 : Wednesday 12-7-2017 @ 13:43
I was planning to make the change next week but now I'm doubtful. I purely want it only for the UHD content. But since I don't have Sky movies or sports nor want them is there any point in upgrading from HD?

Are there many channels with UHD on Sky Q?
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