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Need To Talk To Somebody About Cross Dressing
# 1 : Wednesday 8-2-2017 @ 04:51
Hey I'm new here, my name is Garry and I'm fascinated by crossdressing! I'm just looking for any other crossdressers on here that could give me some advice on the topic or would be there to chat with me about it?
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# 2 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 14:31
Anybody? It's definitely new terrain for me and I could really use some help
# 3 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 14:36 not that I cross dress but maybe look up advice on the internet this link may help.
Funny I give some advice and have people in my mail box asking me to play dress up... Anyway hope the link will help you.
# 4 : Sunday 12-2-2017 @ 05:28
Thanks a million for the reply! I'll have a look! The main thing is shoes, do you know anything about where I could get large sizes in Ireland?
# 5 : Wednesday 22-2-2017 @ 10:00
Get a PayPal and parcel motel account. Go shopping on eBay or boohoo. With the charges it's still really cheap, so I don't really care if something that cost 3euro doesn't really fit
# 6 : Wednesday 22-2-2017 @ 10:09
Amazon do large sizes and you won't need parcel motel to buy form ebay anyway.
# 7 : Wednesday 1-3-2017 @ 16:50
Thanks for the help guys, I've set up a parcel motel and picked some nice heels on amazon they can get pretty expensive though
# 8 : Wednesday 1-3-2017 @ 17:13
Theres a shop on the quays I've noticed thats been there years that sells large sizes in womens shoes. Its near the halfpenny bridge.
# 9 : Wednesday 1-3-2017 @ 22:25
"Heather's"(as far as I can remember)is the name of the shop that sells larger ladies shoes at 8 Arran Quay Dublin 7
# 10 : Monday 6-3-2017 @ 00:13
Drop me a private mail and I'll do my best for you.
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