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Man Wants Castration
# 1 : Monday 13-2-2017 @ 21:32 friend is 57 and feels he has always wanted to be castrated but the desire is stronger now...he wont discuss it it with doctors....can anyone advise?. i think there are clinics in eastern europe and usa but he would prefer ireland or uk...he does not want trans...just to become a eunuch.and is not very active sexually.
# 2 : Monday 13-2-2017 @ 21:55
I'd really encourage him to discuss it with his GP or/ and a counsellor - for sake of mental health and physiological changes, situations like this may benifit highly from discussion
# 3 : Tuesday 14-2-2017 @ 00:59
He'll HAVE to discuss it with doctors if he want to get it done.

Does he imagine he can just go to some sort of "castration parlour" on the high street? is he going to chop them off himself?

you'd need to get something like this done in a practice... where there are doctors.

# 4 : Tuesday 14-2-2017 @ 01:02
...i know but he wont do that...i seem to be the only one he has confided in...but he seems determined to have it done...
# 5 : Tuesday 14-2-2017 @ 01:59
You're saying he's 'determined' to have a procedure done, but the extent of his determination has been to tell no one except you, to not seek any practical information about the procedure, and to not seek out or approach anyone at all who could do the procedure?

If that's "determined" then, I think either he, or you, don't understand what the word determined means.
# 6 : Tuesday 14-2-2017 @ 10:13
Probably embarrassement and shame has a lot to do with him not seeking professional help.

I hope he can find the courage to talk to a professional and might hopefully get more expert help and contacts for the resources who really understand and give information.
# 7 : Tuesday 14-2-2017 @ 13:20
He's going to have to talk to a doctor before anything happens. And what kind of "castration" are we talking here? If he just wants his penis and balls removed then this guy has body dysmorphia and should be treated as such. Castration these days is chemical castration and not the penis "chopped off".
# 8 : Tuesday 14-2-2017 @ 13:40
It's not that unusual in other countries/ cultures there are a minority in India called the Hijra who practise this also in adulthood , they also however suffer incredible oppression and acts of violence from their own countrymen, it was the subject of a film etc ...

As we are unaware of the motivation of the op's friend it could be for more than one reason
# 9 : Tuesday 14-2-2017 @ 22:25
He could do it with a Burdizzo but he probably should take some pain killers first.
# 10 : Tuesday 14-2-2017 @ 23:46
Someone said :
He could do it with a Burdizzo but he probably should take some pain killers first.

Not useful "advice" to someone who has major identity issues. I think a consultation with a psychiatrist/counsellor is best.
# 11 : Wednesday 15-2-2017 @ 00:25
...i have tried to get him to talk to a doc or a shrink...but he wont go...he lives in a rural area on his own...near his married sister who seems to dominate him.......he just wants his balls off...he has googled and seen the vids on he knows whats involved...but not how his head might be after having them removed ....can anyone suggest the name of a doc or specialist?
# 12 : Wednesday 15-2-2017 @ 20:10
It seems to me from what you tell us, he does not want to go to a doctor about it.

Will your friend listen to you if names are suggested here?
# 13 : Wednesday 15-2-2017 @ 22:44
,,he will listen but i dont think he will do much about it except to tell me he has a wish for over 25 years to get castrated and get rid of his balls....I have told him about the psychological risks for after but he still wants to have it done.
# 14 : Thursday 16-2-2017 @ 02:21
It's not called castration , there's a medical name for the operation your friend wants I'm sure the dr would go through it with him , can't imagine it going ahead though as a cosmetic elective surgery though.
Still though the first step is to discuss it with your gp always.
# 15 : Thursday 16-2-2017 @ 02:44
Someone who wishes to get rid of their genitals really needs to talk to someone. This is kind of a big deal even if they just have been talking about it for 25 years. It is the root of a deep problem that needs to be addressed. Whether it's you or your friend, you need to talk to your GP!
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