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Bi Polar
# 1 : Friday 17-2-2017 @ 23:28
Hey there everyone.

I am just wondering are there any other members of Gaire who like me have a mental health condition? I was diagnosed with bi polar phase 2 in 2015 and to be honest it was such a relief when I was diagnosed. I became ill in my teenage years and was diagnosed with adolescent depression at the age of 18. But as time went by I would have periods of elation followed by periods of depression. It was horrible at times to be honest. For weeks I would be great, things would be going my way, I would be getting on grand with family, friends etc and then things would start to go downhill. I wouldn't want to be in peoples company, I would stay in my room a lot and only come out to go to work, college, eat etc. I was put on different medications over the years and whilst some relief was achieved it wouldn't last. Several self harming episodes took place. A few suicide attempts happened as well. I spent several years in counselling but for some reason I slipped through the cracks until 2014 when after taking an overdose I spent three days in hospital. I was discharged under the understanding I would attend a local mental health unit which I did. I attended a day clinic everyday for one month and I was taken off the medication I had been taking. I was doing well until I relapsed late in 2014 and I was put onto some medication which helped for a bit. But I relapsed and my last suicide attempt was in 2015 which left me hospitalised for three and a half months. To be honest it was the best things which happened to me. I was finally diagnosed with bi polar and I was medicated correctly.

I hope people don't mind that I shared a small part of my story. I know how hard it can be to be lgbt at times but I also know how hard it can be to be a mental health service user and lgbt. I hope people feel that they can share their mental health stories as I have.

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# 2 : Friday 17-2-2017 @ 23:36
Wow Moneypenny, you have been really through the mill and then some, very glad that you got diagnosed and treated correctly, I doubt if anyone has not had a mental health issue at some stage, but it was always swept under the carpet, but as your post indicates, we are in more enlightened times and the stigma that prevailed for so long is being washed away, and not a moment too soon. Thanks for sharing.
# 3 : Friday 17-2-2017 @ 23:44
Hey Butters.

Thank you for your kind words. Thank you and Gaire for always making me feel that I could and can share. I came out the other end and came out good. I wasn't unscathed but I have learnt so much over the past three years about myself and I have learnt so much more about mental health. I am currently doing a one year pre nursing course and then hopefully I will go on and do a degree in nursing starting this coming September. I always said I'd liked to do mental health nursing but now I know I don't want to because I figure that whilst my experiences have taught me a lot I would be better suited in a different area of nursing.
# 4 : Friday 17-2-2017 @ 23:56
Good to hear that you are looking forward to a new adventure in life, can there be anything more uplifting than an optimistic future faced with a renewed self confidence.?
Onwards and upwards as the cliche goes.
# 5 : Saturday 18-2-2017 @ 03:35
yeah Moneypenny. hugs.

Remember you always have an open ear if you need one!

I sometimes suffer with bouts of depression, and I'm currently going through a bit of a dark patch now. (I wouldn't worry to much about me though! )

I'm very good at cutting myself slack and understanding that it's normal and natural, and that everybody is unique, and they have their own "ticks"
# 6 : Saturday 18-2-2017 @ 09:44
I have one in short as it is a long story. I was beaten up in school a lot and one time was hit with a hockey stick. The doctors think it is this that is my problem. I later began to forget things like answers on history tests and other stuff I knew I knew the answer too but when I wrote down the answers they were all wrong. I then began to feel head pains and blur vision and then developed a stutter. Anyway cut a long story short over time learned to speak again and control the pain. When I get a bad head pain now I have to sit down and just take a few minutes then I am fine because I know I will forget stuff. The doctor told me work is fine as long as I write things down or do not over stress. I also am doing well I have trained people, and because I guess I sit down at a desk most of the day it suits me.
# 7 : Saturday 18-2-2017 @ 20:06
Hi moneypenny,
Do you mind me asking what medication you are on and how long did it take to stabilise you?

Of course if you don't want to answer here thats totally fine.
I do think you're very brave talking about it so honestly
# 8 : Saturday 18-2-2017 @ 23:51
Hi Pow Pow.
I don't mind you asking at all. I take 500mg of quietapine and 800mg of epilum chrono. It took about 2/3 months for my bi polar to stabilise itself and it happened whilst I was in a psyche ward in St James's. Thank you for your kind words. I believe in talking positively about my experiences because I know people who felt ashamed about their about experiences and I don't think anyone should.
# 9 : Sunday 19-2-2017 @ 08:34
Whats the view on counseling for bipolar disorder? Reason I ask is because there are so many different opposing views. Surely a nice balanced combination of therapy and medication would help? (Obviously finding the right therapist)
Along of course with healthy mindful living.

But some professionals disagree.
# 10 : Sunday 19-2-2017 @ 19:26
I give moneypenny thumbs up for telling her story online and it is a brave thing to do.
# 11 : Sunday 19-2-2017 @ 19:27
Very courageous
# 12 : Sunday 19-2-2017 @ 19:43
Hopefully more people will share their stories.
# 13 : Sunday 19-2-2017 @ 19:47
Thanks everyone. Love you all.
# 14 : Sunday 19-2-2017 @ 19:52
# 15 : Monday 20-2-2017 @ 09:12
I have often wondered if I'm bipolar.

It's not so bad with me but every now and then I go through periods of euphoria as well as depression.
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