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Cross Dresser Shame : Advice Needed
# 1 : Friday 24-2-2017 @ 23:05
Hey there all I'm 36 male I'm looking to make some friends with interest like me at the moment I'm feeling ashamed of it and that's why I came here I like wearing lady's underwear it makes me feel great when I have it on and I'm attracted to fem looking cross dressers I haven't told any one and feel a bit ashamed about it
# 2 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 00:16
Why do you feel ashamed? Maybe put up a classified to meet people with similar interests to yourself. Make some friends/lovers ect.
# 3 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 00:26
I don't know I feel really confused like should I hide it or embrace it
# 4 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 00:34
You should do what you wanna do. Have you check Gaire's personals? It's an endless parade of men in panties and dresses.

Go have fun, life's too short.
# 5 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 00:36
Well you don't have to sit your family down and tell them. They might roll their eyes and say "Is that it?". It's not really a big deal, I wouldn't overthink it.
# 6 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 00:44
Haha that's what I'm trying to do but can't seem to get many replies haha
# 7 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 01:20
Hi and welcome.
There's nothing to be ashamed of, just do you.
# 8 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 02:50
Thanks for the words that's why I came to the site to try meet some people like me
# 9 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 03:27
One of my best long term friends likes to wear women's knickers. He's a 6'2" straight ex British army officer who is a bouncer on Saturday nights (lots of money). He's recently got married to his second wife and has always been honest about his like of wearing women's underwear since he was a teenager. Apparently because he's so overtly masculine,he likes to wear female knickers to keep in touch with his feminine side. No one cares, you shouldn't either.
# 10 : Sunday 26-3-2017 @ 20:10
I understand completely! However, you are not alone. You could run ads here but its a bit of hit or miss here especially when it comes to finding a partner. In the mean time, find a pub in Dublin where they have some busy nights with drag-queens? Ask some queens there or here for some tips... explain you've not done this before... Then, organize a night or two at nearby hotel as well a way to get you from point A to point B quickly, with either like minded person/s with a car, or taxi (strength being in numbers). Meanwhile, find something sexy to wear, that you wouldn't normally wear at home that way when you go out in something you don't normally wear, it becomes easy to tell yourself you're just out having a laugh; doing it for kicks, perhaps as in a Parody. Because, honestly people will never know what you are doing, for all they know you are just out for the crack. It will just be you and some lads having a night out. Because, no one is going to know your motivations, unless later on you want to tell them. In fact, I'd be willing to help. We could do it as a party of two or three or four, whatever your comfortable with? We could find someone with great a make-up skills to drop in at the hotel and at the same time have some laughs getting ready to go out; get all dolled up. Well get there early and once you are there it will become nothing more than a fun and exciting night out; and something more... If some girls ask, we'l simply say we lost a bet on a game, and like Sir Richard Branson of Virgin, we lost the bet hence we were forced to dress-up for a night out; or it could be part of a charity deal. Really its OK! especially if your surrounded by like minded people. Then, later or perhaps straight away being and feeling sexy will come naturally, and you can network among like minded friends. Later, you can test other outfits and get closer to what really feels and looks even better. I did this with a beautiful black cocktail dress once because at home I never wear black, so to others it looked great but for me it was more about just getting out about having fun. Remember, people aren't judging you there, and pointing the finger, or asking Does he fit in, or does get off on wearing that sexy dress, No! Nor are there people running up to grab the microphone shouting, he's not doing this for fun, he's a damm Sissy. Trust me, it is way too fun, because you've got the guts to be normal; normal being able to have fun here. Please, do what works best for you! It's important to just meet up with some like minded people where sex is not the central issue, like the Nike ad just do it! Everyone should be able to wear dress in public no matter what the motive. If you want more confidence get some hypnosis / subliminals on utube. By no means am I endorsing it but it works for some. Hope I didn't offend anyone here because some people today are ultra sensitive when it comes to advice, especially nowadays. Again, contact me and we'll get it organized. However, ff your only interest is gaining confidence in women's panties, I hate to brake it to you but everyone is doing it, especially straight men. Good luck!

# 11 : Sunday 23-4-2017 @ 18:49
It's nothing to be ashamed of, what harm are you doing,none,unless you're taking them off your neighbours line, I've been on the personal's here and met a couple of xders with the same interests and the experiences were pleasurable, but there is a lot of time wasters on here, you just have to keep plugging away. If you are not comfortable telling your family or people that you count as friends then don't, find like minded people who you are comfortable with, that way no one gets upset or hurt. I find a very large amount of xders would love to genuinely meet up but they won't go out dressed and are afraid to allow a stranger (for the want of a better word)into there home's, which is totally understandable.I have thought about getting a group of us to share the costs of a holiday home and heading off there for a night or two. Everyone would be there for the same reason, it would be in a relaxed atmosphere, we could help and get tip's off each other about various matters and it it would be in the knowledge that we'd be in a safe environment with like minded. Good luck in whatever you deside
# 12 : Sunday 23-4-2017 @ 19:20
Dont be. Start going to the th club or gemini club in Dublin. Or pantis / george.
I love dressing up myself

# 13 : Tuesday 30-5-2017 @ 00:02
Hey there, you shouldn't feel any shame or guilt about crossdressing. I too crossdress (though not for a while not but do still think about so it's still there) but it's nothing to be ashamed or guilt about. I've worn womens' knickers and I felt great too so don't worry about it.
# 14 : Tuesday 30-5-2017 @ 00:03
simple answer: try and embrace it if you can.
# 15 : Tuesday 30-5-2017 @ 01:16
I bet U look sexy in them
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