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Cross Dresser Shame : Advice Needed
# 16 : Tuesday 30-5-2017 @ 13:41
Hi I have been reading this with interest. I am a 65 year old crossdresser and have been dressing all my life ever since I was about 10 years old. I dont see anything to be ashamed of and I feel perfectly at ease when am dressed. I get about my normal life and dress when I can. Everyone has a feminine side only ours is stronger than most. If you want to discuss further shoot me a email from this site and I will give you all the help you need. Actually I would love to start a crossdresser group for meetings etc.
# 17 : Wednesday 7-6-2017 @ 13:41
Hi, I have a bi friend in the same situation as you and we role play sometimes. I can see it offers him a bit of happiness as well as comfort. It's not really my thing but I do it cos it helps him. And that's what I'd say to you. Do what brings you happiness. Just find likeminded people to accept you as you are. There are groups and organisations out there to help. God bless and I hope this helped you even just a little bit.
# 18 : Thursday 20-7-2017 @ 12:08

Being doing it for many years, very discretely.

If you really enjoy it, and its harmless, park the 'guilt trip' !
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