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Accents And How You Perceive Them
# 16 : Monday 6-3-2017 @ 21:16
Someone said :
Do you feel that a raw Dublin accent represents a red line Luas riding junkie type who will howl for drugs while taking your eye out or do you hear a softer side as espoused by the likable folk who comment on Gogglebox. I love all accents and feel no threat from them, but the tone of some tend to unfairly perhaps make me wary of what seems to be an aggressive and belligerent tone. Is this par for the course or am I paranoid.? What do you bleedin' well think.?

I don't watch Gogglebox, So I have no idea what the accents are like.
Regarding accents out and about in the real world? It all depends on what the person is saying?
Strong Dublin accent "No fuckin way??? Sure I went to school wih him too!!".
No problem.
Strong Dublin accent "C'mere like ye posh cuntinnannyways...".
Fuck off before you get your malnourished self hurt.
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