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Building A Website?
# 1 : Thursday 9-3-2017 @ 12:59
Does anyone know a good but reasonable company that could build a simple website? How much is the average price of building a simple website, hosting fees ect?
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# 2 : Thursday 9-3-2017 @ 15:58
Hey Sugartits, what would be the function of the website?
# 3 : Thursday 9-3-2017 @ 16:39
Something along the lines of this.

# 4 : Thursday 9-3-2017 @ 18:47
Squarespace lets you design striking looking websites even if you have little coding knowledge. They host the website too. They cost €11 per month roughly.

Reply Website
# 5 : Thursday 9-3-2017 @ 19:09
Yeah I've heard good things about squarespace. If you wanted to open an online store to sell art I'd recommend BigCartel.com. I've found them very good.
# 6 : Thursday 9-3-2017 @ 19:16
I don't want to open an online store. "Little coding knowledge"? I have none.
# 7 : Thursday 9-3-2017 @ 19:24
Someone said :
I don't want to open an online store. "Little coding knowledge"? I have none.

I don't think you really need any, you can use the templates they have on there.
# 8 : Thursday 9-3-2017 @ 19:26
A little coding helps but even without that knowledge its just a matter of inputting as little or as much descriptive text you want and uploading images for the type of site you mentioned.

Reply Website
# 9 : Wednesday 15-3-2017 @ 18:26
Someone said :
I don't want to open an online store. "Little coding knowledge"? I have none.

I emailed you, I'd be happy to help.
The three questions you need to ask yourself at first are:
- What name do I want for my website ( don't post the name here! or someone can snatch it before you!)
- What do you need it for
- How much content do you want (initially, and on an ongoing basis)

If someone is charging you €11/month for hosting, it is €132/year, and you still have to pay for the domain name, and you still have to pay someone to design it if you do not feel confident doing it yourself. And that is where most people make their dough: they milk customers per page, and then for each updates...
And then again next year...
# 10 : Wednesday 12-12-2018 @ 21:08
I have a questions?
I am good at web design but have no time to do my own business tour site so got this website company who charged a lot but said they were good. However I refused to pay the last installment because their logo was awful and hated the website back round.
I told them I would pay the last installment when I was happy with the site and everything was fine and the guy is throwing a hissy fit and saying there is nothing wrong with anything and the job was done right.
Should I Pay them?

# 11 : Wednesday 12-12-2018 @ 21:49
You're the customer, you demand what you're entitled to and tell the little sh@t. You get, what you pay for!
# 12 : Thursday 13-12-2018 @ 10:39
I have done but he said he put a lot of work into it and should get his money worth anyway the other fellow agrees with me so he is finishing it now so hopefully it should look better now and the logo was awful looked like a colouring book logo kind of job.
# 13 : Thursday 13-12-2018 @ 18:10
I just hope you own tbe domsin, otherwise they hold you by the balls, unless you have a clear contract with them.
# 14 : Thursday 13-12-2018 @ 18:59
I own the name yes.
# 15 : Thursday 13-12-2018 @ 19:00
Through them or in your own right?
What about the storage?
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