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Best Dublin Clubs For Queens And Crossdressers?
# 1 : Monday 27-3-2017 @ 01:30
Does anyone know what Dublin clubs are best suited for cross-dressers? Is there such a thing, or is there a clubs or events anywhere in Ire that have drag events or shows so first time x dressers can blend in or gain experience on dressing up? Please help? Is there perhaps a group of x dressers that meet and get together for a night out? Any information on events or similar groups like this, including where a guy can get private make-up secession's or coming out as a cross-dresser would be greatly appreciated!
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# 2 : Monday 27-3-2017 @ 02:25
A cross dresser would get on fine in the George or Panti bar, or indeed most gay bars in Dublin. You'll find almost no one will bat an eyelid at a CDer or do anything to make them feel uncomfortable, and you'll fit right in.
There are also groups out there that help if your nervous about heading out for the first time.

I've met many's a CDer out having a few drinks and meeting people, and it's mostly been a positive experience all round.

I will also add, don't be put off by people asking questions (if anyone does). They're probably not trying to be 'nosy' it's just you're dealing with a community that has drag queens, cross-dressers and, transgender people, all of whom have different preferences for things like how they wish to be identified.
Rather then accidentally cause offence, someone might ask you a bit about yourself in order to find out how you wish to be addressed for example. I find it's just a courtesy to ask and be respectful rather then be arrogant and guess.
# 3 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 13:51
The th on hardcore st is a club for dressers and admires
Amanda runs it and is a very sexy and friendly lady
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