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Meet Ups
# 1 : Wednesday 29-3-2017 @ 21:57
Gurl's what is the point of getting yourselves all glamed up putting your lovely picture's and profile's on this site, encouraging other's to get in contact when you have no intention of ever taking the plunge and actually meeting someone. By all means keep putting those lovely pic's up( keep them coming durl's) but please state that people will be only wasting there time by getting in contact with you so that genuine people can get on with finding a partner.
# 2 : Wednesday 29-3-2017 @ 22:13
# 3 : Thursday 30-3-2017 @ 13:02
Superfour raises an interesting point.

However, trying to get from online to real-life dating, can be frustrating becasue of the sheer amount of, (no offence) cave dwellers and social reclusive types you meet online.

In fairness though what else might you except?
If you have a website with say 10 reclusive types who use the site as a social release and a way of chatting to people (and have no intention of meeting people on real life) and mix them in with 10 people who use a website as a means of broadening their net of meeting people in real life.

The cave dwellers, are going to spend MUCH more time and enegry on their online presence then the outgoing folk. In essence, they're going to be more active, while the others are essentially "out and about", and that's just with an even split of each 'type'. In reality you can probably expect MORE reclusive types on any one site then outgoing folk.

Speaking from personal experience, I've tried very hard in the past to turn online chatting into physical real life meetings, and only a very tiny percentage of them gone ahead successfully and went well.

People have different cut offs.
Even I do and I'm "Mr Meet Up".

For some, it's friends and family issuing a stern warning about safety and they get spooked. For other it's hangups about their own appearance.
For me personally, I don't agree to meet people or I will back out of meeting someone if I find they are sexually obsessed or sexually demanding, or obviously only interested in meeting for sex.
# 4 : Thursday 30-3-2017 @ 13:13
Also, to the opening poster 'Charliebi'

Maybe fill out your profile a bit?

No photos, no bio, no details.
You could be Jack the Ripper, or worse; a married man looking for something on the side.
# 5 : Thursday 30-3-2017 @ 13:21
yeah in my experience less than 10% of chats turn into live meetings
# 6 : Thursday 30-3-2017 @ 13:26
Someone said :
You could be Jack the Ripper, or worse; a married man looking for something on the side.

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