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Is Using A Dressing Service Real Crossdressing?
# 1 : Monday 3-4-2017 @ 13:36
So last week I met a crossdresser off another site. Just for a quick drink and chat at a hotel bar in limerick. Now she was dressed lovely. Very convincing and all. So after a few minutes of general chit chat we got talking about past experiences and so on.

Then she mentions a few of the men she met in the past claimed to be crossdressers but had infact only very dressed at dressing services in dublin or cork. She claim thats not real dressing.

Im just wondering is this a general view of crossdressers or just a once off. By the way im not ashamed to say i have used the dressing services in the past myself.
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# 2 : Monday 3-4-2017 @ 14:03
Is it men dressed as women? Yes, so it's crossdressing.


# 3 : Monday 3-4-2017 @ 17:17
If it doesn't come naturally to you then I'd imagine cross dressing is a bit like learning to play the piano. You don't just sit down and start banging out Tiny Dancer, you'd most certainly need a teacher to show you the ropes. Your friend sounds like a jerk.
# 4 : Monday 3-4-2017 @ 20:13
If your balls are hanging out of each side of a pair of Penneys knickers and your wearing a dress straight out of 'Pretty woman' with a static nylon wig, yer a crossdresser regardless who dressed ya.
# 5 : Tuesday 4-4-2017 @ 04:17

Has your friend specified what reasons she was considering them as not being "genuine" corss-dressers?

Has she got some categorisation in her mind, where there is a continuum from which she includes cross-dressers.

Just like some transgendered/transgender/transexual people have strong feelings about which "T" catergory they belong to, and often look down at trans-dressers or cross-dressers. Or have strong feelings about Drag Queens.

Just like some "gay people" feel strognly about bisexuals being "nothing but cheater or deluded sihonest people". They have a reason being them, be it a good or bad reason.

Just like some Black Panthers type may have judged Obama to be too "Oreo" to claim him.

In other words, to really understand your friend before judging her, we need to know which mental universe she is operating into, which paradigms she holds dear, which separations she operates being the various "tribes" she believes exist around her.

Which discriminations she holds dear.
Which mental hierarchies she has established and who she wants to exclude from them by design; or ends-up excluding without intending to hurt them.
Then we can try and establish if she is just trying to exclude them, or to protect herself, or protect others.

She may have the best of intentions, without realizing that other people have other mental structures, other mental imagery of they fit in the world and why.

And that applies to us to, before we judge her!

# 6 : Tuesday 4-4-2017 @ 10:36
I think what she probably means is that if someone only uses a dressing service and never dresses outside of those occasions ( which some actually do) she feels that they aren't crossdressers. Most of us dress when ever we get a chance, and some do it a lot more than others, it all depends on the individual and their circumstances.
# 7 : Tuesday 4-4-2017 @ 14:14
She kinda is to be honest
# 8 : Wednesday 5-4-2017 @ 14:26
My boyfriend has hinted at me that he would like to see me in panties, I've now decided "why not" would that make me a cross dresser?
# 9 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 12:19
Yes but only part-time like.
# 10 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 13:55
Nah, with just panties I think you're an occasional freelancer at most.
# 11 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 14:40
An occasional freelancer......brilliant
# 12 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 14:44
The amount of gay or bisexual etc men who crossdress is huge , the number of visitors to this site proves this , there invariably are more crossdressers here than "regular comon or garden variety gay people"
# 13 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 15:05
Well, Gaire seems to have been adopted by crossdressers but in other dating sites they're a small minority.
# 14 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 15:10
The site is overrun with fairies, you needn't sound so disappointed sister!
# 15 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 15:20
Not disappointed. Stating a fact, have no interest in crossdressers or crossdressing any way.
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