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Gay Men In Chechnya Being Sent To Concentration Camps
# 1 : Monday 10-4-2017 @ 20:22

There's some horrifying news from Chechnya today.
Over 100 gay men have been sent to concentration camps for homosexuals in Chechnya and three people have been killed, a new report has claimed.
Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and human rights activists allege that anyone authorities suspect are gay is rounded up and sent to these camps, where inmates are reportedly tortured.
A spokesman for Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov denied the allegations, claiming that gay people don't exist in the region.

Alvi Karimov told Interfax news agency: "You cannot detain and persecute people who simply do not exist in the republic.
"If there were such people in Chechnya, the law-enforcement organs wouldn’t need to have anything to do with them because their relatives would send them somewhere from which there is no returning."

One of Chechnya's human rights officials, Kheda Saratova, echoed those sentiments as he dismissed the report.
He told a Russian radio station: "I haven’t had a single request on this issue, but if I did, I wouldn’t even consider it.

"In our Chechen society, any person who respects our traditions and culture will hunt down this kind of person without any help from authorities, and do everything to make sure that this kind of person does not exist in our society."
Read More: Russia to decriminalise domestic violence as Vladimir Putin bows to ultra-conservative pressure

Chechnya is formally a part of Russia but now acts as a semi-independent state.
An LGBT group condemned the reports and said they will help anyone affected.

Russian group LGBT Network said: "No national and/or religious traditions and norms can justify kidnapping or killing of a human being.
"Any references to “traditions” to justify kidnappings and killings are amoral and criminal.

"The Russian LGBT Network is ready to evacuate people." etc ...
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# 2 : Tuesday 11-4-2017 @ 15:52
That's Chechnya a republic in putin s Russia , its not semi independent the Russians fought two vicious wars to keep checyna very much within Russia , the tactics used mirror those used by Assad in Syria .
# 3 : Tuesday 11-4-2017 @ 20:19
# 4 : Tuesday 11-4-2017 @ 21:45
I was reading about this as it happened and couldn't f***ing believe I was seeing this in 2017.
Boots on the ground in my opinion... But sure, that will never happen because there is no profit in that war.
# 5 : Wednesday 12-4-2017 @ 00:36
Makes my blood run cold. I wish I could rip these cunts to shreds.
# 6 : Wednesday 12-4-2017 @ 11:14
Some harrowing accounts of intimidation and brutality at the link below. Like something from the Stone Age. etc ...
# 7 : Wednesday 12-4-2017 @ 12:20

I'd urge everyone to sign as many petitions as possible, they're not as useless as you think.

# 8 : Sunday 16-4-2017 @ 01:12
The protest takes place at the Russian Embassy on Orwell road next Thursday at 16.00 to 19.00. Please try to attend for even a half hour or two, the 14 bus will take you there.
# 9 : Sunday 16-4-2017 @ 13:09
I'll be there.

It's quite fitting that the Russian embassy is on Orwell Road!
# 10 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 02:23
Link to the Facebook event page

# 11 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 10:59
Someone said :
The protest takes place at the Russian Embassy on Orwell road next Thursday at 16.00 to 19.00. Please try to attend for even a half hour or two, the 14 bus will take you there.

Changed to 5pm
# 12 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 11:36
People will start gathering around 4 anyway, according to organisers. Speeches from 5 pm.

Here's a couple of handy maps someone posted on the events page.

Route from Bus 14 ( get off at Breamor rd/Churchtown rd)
Luas Green Line (Windy Arbour)
# 13 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 21:37
Great turnout for the protest, reckon there were 180 people there, including Frodo.
# 14 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 21:50
Did you spot the undercover FSB agent in the crowd?
# 15 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 21:56
No, was it you.?
Someone done a nice job on the railings.
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