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Arranging Meetings
# 1 : Wednesday 19-4-2017 @ 22:38
I am recently registered with GAIRE. I am going through many profiles and I have emailed a number already. I am trying to have meet up with males and I don't mind if they are Gay or Bi or CD. I have been successful in arranging some meetings but there are a number who respond and encourage you and then drop you like a hot potato and in cases don't bother to reply back. How deflating this is. Do others out there get the same treatment. I don't drink but this could drive me to.
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# 2 : Wednesday 19-4-2017 @ 23:01
You need to use the classifieds.
# 3 : Wednesday 19-4-2017 @ 23:19
Butters, I think nollie is using the classifieds, he's complaining about the fact some people arrange to meet and then flake out at the last minute.

# 4 : Wednesday 19-4-2017 @ 23:34
That's exactly what I mean. Whats the point of going on the system and registering if you are not going to bother with like minded people. Surely the purpose of the website is to make contact and have some enjoyable experience. to get a
# 5 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 03:04
I'm guessing by your profile that you are married. This might put guys off, or that married guys who are looking for married guys get nervous at the last moment. If you are looking for guys for one off sex encounters, well that's part of the territory. Some you'll hook up with, some you won't. Learn how to accept NO every so often. You're a big boy. Enjoy!
# 6 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 09:02
There seems to be this new and incredibly stupid trend on Grindr (mostly) where people arrange to meet with no intention of ever actually going. Apparently this is their idea of fun

I've seen a few people complaining about it on Grindr, some refuse to meet without snapchatting first.
# 7 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 10:04
What you guys are describing is nothing new.

It existed when classified where in newspapers.
Some people will arrange something, and change their mind.
Some people will come to the meeting, see the other party and decide they are not a match after all. Or simply get cold feet last minute.
Some will see it as a game, toying with people for the sake of it. Pure cruelty.
Some will have other motivations or modi operandi .

It comes with dating by proxy of some communication media. How many time do you think Moses got stood up at Mount Sinai?
Someone said :
Whats the point of going on the system and registering if you are not going to bother with like minded people.

You have your reasons/point: they have theirs.
You cannot expect them to be you.

Some will do it gently, some will be rude, some will enjoy to see others suffer.
Just be happy that you do not get to meet these people! By definition they are not a match
# 8 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 13:11
No question of married/partner status. I am a big boy and can accept NO but I rather it be said or communicated rather than waiting in expectation!!
# 9 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 13:14
Blah you have said it all. Your last paragraph makes a lot of sense and we most likely would have been a mismatch.
# 10 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 13:29
Mismatch? You want a ride not marry them.
# 11 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 15:38
Someone said :
Mismatch? You want a ride not marry them.

Unless one is a human glory hole, even for NSA, a match is preferable.
Even for a ride, you need to fancy the rider (or the mount).

One may not be picky on the match, and be lit up by anything/anyone: it only means that they find it easy to find a match.
# 12 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 15:57
That's sounds so romantic.
# 13 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 15:30
Arrange to meet then don't show up? How is that fun? That's just mean
# 14 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 19:33
Someone said :
Arrange to meet then don't show up? How is that fun? That's just mean

Alot of timewasters out there unfortunately.
# 15 : Wednesday 3-5-2017 @ 16:45
Someone said :
Arrange to meet then don't show up? How is that fun? That's just mean

It can be down to many variables: not all of them will find it funny. Those who do are mostly sad losers, who revel in being cruel to others; but some who do have mental issues.

But I would not recon that the majority do it for the fun of being cruel, or even feeling better by making others feel worse.
I reckon that most of those who do not show up have issues they are struggling with, including self-esteem and depression.

Some might be cruel catfishes, others might be deluded catfishes, but most catfishes are probably in distress and not able to rationalize their desire for a relationship that fits them.

So rather than feeling down because someone does not show up, apply these 2 rules:
1- Kiss the ground you are waiting on that you are not starting a relationship with them. Better they prove unreliable now than later.
2- Pity them, as they are in need of help and support than you are, they are sadder and more desperate than you are, it will not end better for them them for you. And if you doubt it, refer to rule 1.
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