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Inexperienced Guy First Time Whats Good To Try
# 1 : Wednesday 3-5-2017 @ 13:59
Curious guy into trying new things but most guys here keep ask for them to break in my bum but is there anyone here who is into more than just that
# 2 : Wednesday 3-5-2017 @ 14:02
The standard of English usage on this website is atrocious!
# 3 : Wednesday 3-5-2017 @ 14:05
Yes can understand this
# 4 : Wednesday 3-5-2017 @ 14:09
No I can't!
# 5 : Wednesday 3-5-2017 @ 14:19
Welcome to the forum Mrt2008

You'll find we're a mixed bunch.

you'll probably find someone might direct you to the classified if you want to "look for hook ups" specifically, other wise, you can use the forum to chat and get to know us, and talk about anything you wish.

I also recommend keeping an eye out for "meets" that have been known to happen on occasion. These are events where a gang of us meet up socially and have food or drinks, and chat, catch up, meet new folk, that sort of thing.

I reckon it's no harm to fill out the ol' profile a bit too.
# 6 : Wednesday 3-5-2017 @ 15:08
Thanks just updated it
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