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Moving To Ireland
# 1 : Thursday 4-5-2017 @ 09:41
Any advice? Apart from screaming "No, don't even think about it!!!"

I have an Irish background and shoals of cousins (mostly around Waterford, Tipperary and Dublin) so not a total newbie on the Emerald Isle. And I've moved around the UK a fair bit including ten years in Scotland so used to making myself at home in new areas.

I'm early retired (after having lost my lovely partner of eleven years to cancer in 2015) so employment is not an issue.

My plan is to relocate to Waterford for various reasons. It's a big city, in the sunny South-East,handy for the ferries from Rosslare, and with easy access by train to Dublin. I'm going over for a visit next month and will do a bit of exploring and see if my initial thoughts work out. If all goes well I'd rent a flat for a while before committing myself to buying something. I've been doing a lot of online research but there's no substitute for spending some time in the place.

So there it is. I'm looking for friends (anywhere in Ireland really, I'm pretty mobile and like to travel and there's lots of areas I don't know well). Any advice on potential problems and of course on all the plus sides of life in Ireland would be appreciated

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# 2 : Thursday 4-5-2017 @ 14:42
If you disregard London, Ireland is similar to the UK in many respects. There are already lots of English people living here in rural areas. What is drawing you to our shores in particular?
# 3 : Thursday 4-5-2017 @ 15:00
It's always been at the back of my mind that I could end up retiring to Ireland. A couple of my aunts moved back some years ago. My mother hates Ireland though, couldn't wait to leave (she left Ireland in 1952) and would never go back.

The Brexit vote was a big shock and for a time I thought I might end up going to France or Spain, but the more I thought about it the more attractive Ireland was. I have an Irish passport so am a full citizen so no worries about being in an expat British enclave
# 4 : Thursday 4-5-2017 @ 18:26
Well, do what you feel is the right thing to do. Waterford is lovely, it has some beautiful beaches on the "copper coast" but is hardly a big city at just 53,000 population. It is a nice small city though. There is not really much of an LGBT scene in Waterford - it once had a gay bar called Dignity but I think that's well gone. Nearest scenes would be in Dublin and Cork but perhaps you're not looking for a scene in any case. House price are very reasonable in Waterford - especially compared to Dublin.

Go for it!
# 5 : Thursday 4-5-2017 @ 18:48
Size is all relative really. I currently live in a village of 900 just outside a town of 4,500 (Hebden Bridge, the Lesbian capital of England) so Waterford will seem like a big place to me From what I've seen it has a good range of culture and other services. And there is a Quaker community there (and a strong Quaker heritage apparently) which is also an attraction.

The scene isn't a big concern, I'm happy to go to Dublin a few times a year for a bit of gay nightlife but at my age it's not something I want to do every night

# 6 : Friday 5-5-2017 @ 15:43
If I'd to choose anywhere to live in Waterford, I'd go for Dungarvan. It's a lovely seaside town and it's halfwayish between Waterford & Cork.
# 7 : Friday 5-5-2017 @ 16:39
My mother was born there and a couple of aunts retired back there some years ago. I've heard it's now a very good foody kind of place so will definitely visit but I think Waterford city would be more what I'm looking for.

My dad's family is from Meath and Dublin but there's no way I can afford Dublin property prices!
# 8 : Friday 5-5-2017 @ 18:17
Dungarvan is a lovely town. It has a food festival every year near a lot of gorgeous beaches and fantastic scenery.
# 9 : Friday 5-5-2017 @ 18:40
Definitely worth a visit then. I remember being taken there years ago to meet great-aunts. My grandfather (mother's father) worked on the railway in Dungarvan and later in Tipperary town.
# 10 : Tuesday 27-6-2017 @ 14:39
I've now just gone and bought myself a house in Ferrybank....

And I've also gone on a couple of dates. Must be because I'm 'fresh meat'
# 11 : Tuesday 27-6-2017 @ 14:43
# 12 : Tuesday 27-6-2017 @ 14:44
Hope you settle in well tintin.
# 13 : Tuesday 27-6-2017 @ 15:39
# 14 : Tuesday 27-6-2017 @ 16:41
Someone said :

On buying a house or getting a date?
# 15 : Tuesday 27-6-2017 @ 22:20
Well I was thinking more the house but its great that you are already going on dates!
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