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Big Brother 2017
# 16 : Tuesday 6-6-2017 @ 17:44
Someone said :
What was the story with Emma apologising for the bad language? Theres bound to be bad language on it!

Sure the whole VT's are full of them swearing.
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# 17 : Wednesday 7-6-2017 @ 20:51
Someone said :
Sure the whole VT's are full of them swearing.

To tell you the truth young Shaggy its possible I zoned out and missed the lot
(for a certain reason)
I'm just in from work and catching up on last nights one now. Fast forward all the poxy ads.
# 18 : Wednesday 7-6-2017 @ 21:46
Nevermind the ads I'm fast forwarding through brain-dead boy's stupid task. There is absolutely nothing behind those eyes.
# 19 : Wednesday 7-6-2017 @ 21:52
That one with the funny name looks certain to be a right bitch. Lotus? is full of hot air. The one with the tits needs to put them away.

I like the nigerian sisters.

The language!"!
# 20 : Saturday 10-6-2017 @ 07:52
Wrong choice probably went last night.

I haven't been watching it as much as I like.

I'm all over Love Island though.
# 21 : Saturday 10-6-2017 @ 21:18
Wish Mandy had stayed and Imran had went. Tom only picked Mandy because he thought he'd have a better chance of getting into her daughter's knickers with her gone.
# 22 : Saturday 10-6-2017 @ 21:46
Sukhinder is losing her shit!
# 23 : Sunday 11-6-2017 @ 12:01
Little bit behind but I really like the mix this year. I didn't want any of them to go on Friday and that's a great sign.
# 24 : Sunday 11-6-2017 @ 16:56
Arthur has walked
# 25 : Monday 12-6-2017 @ 15:46
# 26 : Monday 12-6-2017 @ 20:11
Not had to chance to watch much of it so far but caught the eviction over the weekend and some catch up on Saturday

Still getting to know the bunch but already I'm not liking Imran and Sukhinder. They seem to be playing up to the cameras. Surprised Arthur has walked. He was annoying but I liked him. He would have provided good entertainment over the summer Don't have any favourite yet but Lotan, Kieran and Tom are providing nice eye candy

# 27 : Sunday 18-6-2017 @ 14:26
Should be interesting tonight after the eviction and Kayleigh's removal. God but some of this lot arent the smartest really ...
# 28 : Monday 19-6-2017 @ 16:26
I can't decide who I want to win yet. A few more episodes will have to be watched.

Lotan is annoying. The poor girl is besotted with him. Ha he was well pissed off when she was mauling him. Can't recall her name at the moment.

Who else?
Kieran is doing well but his other half is acting so weird about the flirting between himself and Marnie. Like jesus she needs to chill.
# 29 : Monday 19-6-2017 @ 18:12
Someone said :
Who else?
Kieran is doing well but his other half is acting so weird about the flirting between himself and Marnie. Like jesus she needs to chill.

I'm confused. Didn't Kieran and Marnie not kiss the other night?
# 30 : Monday 19-6-2017 @ 19:07
Yah but Kieran's "friend" that he came in with (can't remember her name) was acting all jealous.

You get me?
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