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Punk Queer PWR BTTM Disgraced In 5 Days - Supporters Vs Survivors
# 1 : Wednesday 17-5-2017 @ 22:31
The punk queer PWR BTTM has fallen from grace in 5 days, after abusive behaviors have been reported. Their response was "email us and we will ask an independent mediator look into it".

Now their concerts are canceled, and debates between two sides is raging:
- fans who want to believe they are innocent until proven guilty, and that the picture with a Nazi symbol was a "mistake" of youth;
- those who don't want to hear about providing evidence, because "rape survivors have to be believed"

Surely there is a distance that exist between not accusing victims (renamed in the US-novlang as "survivors") of being guilty; and considering that any accusation of abuse must be true because abuse is such a terrible thing.

At the same time, reputation is close to everything in fandom, and evidence of antisemitism and anecdotal evidence of rape are unsurprisingly no longer something fans can as easily look past, as they did with the likes of Michael Jackson's child-molesting.
And because it was such a new up-coming group, financial interests behind them are not worth to fight to influence the outcome. etc ...

Some suggest that it would not have been so fast if they were a regular straight band.
Others consider that the very nature of their fandom made it more responsive to ethical issues.
# 2 : Thursday 18-5-2017 @ 19:07
# 3 : Thursday 18-5-2017 @ 21:46
I had heard of the scandal, because somebody I follow on twitter was disappointed. I think he may have been a fan. I hadn't heard of them myself.
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