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What Dublin Neighborhoods Are More Gay Friendly And Have More Gay People Living In Them?
# 1 : Sunday 21-5-2017 @ 19:56

Emigrating to Ireland and looking for advice about Dublin neighborhoods.
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# 2 : Sunday 21-5-2017 @ 21:50
You asked this question last year and Donnybrook and Stoneybatter came up. Did you check them out?
# 3 : Sunday 21-5-2017 @ 22:46
there are no gay neighbourhoods in dublin. not needed, most areas are in tune with modern society. Do some research, especially if you want to live in the suburbs. Other than that, home owning is a lottery to be honest.
# 4 : Monday 22-5-2017 @ 00:45
No area of Dublin is particularly gay-friendly or anti-gay for that matter. Many gay men live in locations close to the centre of the city and in the inner suburbs. The real issue is being able to get a place you can afford as accommodation is shy high internships of rents and prices.
# 5 : Saturday 27-5-2017 @ 13:47
Yes. Arrive Dublin next week and looking at properties in Donnybrook, Ranelagh and Sandymount. Which I guess are obvious neighborhoods...and expensive. Will explore other areas while we're there. Prices for less than 100 sq meters seem ridiculous. Hoping to find something that doesn't cost a million Euros!
Also looking at Blackrock, Monkstown, and other towns south of Dublin.
Also looking in Wicklow County. And one place in Wexford county.
Don't have time this trip to go north. Malahide, Howth, etc.
Not in a rush, so this will take some time.
# 6 : Saturday 27-5-2017 @ 16:11
They are all good areas you are looking at. Good luck on your trip.
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