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Ballymun Gardai Launch Domestic Abuse Co-ordination Team
# 1 : Saturday 3-6-2017 @ 15:24
Hello Gaire and Gaire readers,

Garda Gayliaison here after another long absence. I am currently the Garda Superintendent based in Ballymun Garda Station and this week we launched a new initiative to try and tackle domestic abuse. I want to make sure that same sex couples living in the Ballymun and Santry area are aware of the service and that if they are the victim of domestic abuse they know we are here to help.
The concept is simple; The domestic abuse co-ordination team (DACT)identify people or families who are at high risk or subject to repeat episodes of domestic abuse. A specially trained Garda is appointed as the liaison with the family and will assist in getting court orders or prosecutions. In particular where a person may not wish to go through the courts (and there's lots of reasons why they don't want to)we will link them up with support services in the area. Also, instead of dealing with 5 or 6 different Gardai there will now be one point of contact. We are up and running for four months and the feed back and impact has been really positive. I just want to make sure that everyone knows the service is also for same sex couples and that we are there to help. I have attached a link to an article that gives a bit more detail.


(Finbarr Murphy Superintendent Ballymun). etc ...
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# 2 : Saturday 3-6-2017 @ 15:34
Thanks Finbarr, it's reassuring to know that people can access such a service if they need to. Continued success in your career.
# 3 : Saturday 3-6-2017 @ 19:21
That's great to hear Finbarr. Domestic violence is a very serious issue in society. I only hope that your enthusiasm and proactive approach is mirrored in other Garda jurisdictions.

And of course domestic violence happens in the LGBT community just as much as it does in wider society. I wish you and your initiative well!
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