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Rock Bars
# 16 : Wednesday 7-6-2017 @ 00:39
Six quid? They can fuck off then!
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# 17 : Wednesday 7-6-2017 @ 00:48
That's for a local pale ale upstairs, never been to a gig downstairs si it might be worth it on a night out if there is no cover charge for the band.
# 18 : Wednesday 7-6-2017 @ 01:12
Mmmm..... Maybe I'll go there sometime then
# 19 : Friday 9-6-2017 @ 18:20
Someone said :
Hi. So apart from Fibbers what other bars are there in town that you might call rock bars? I am using rock in a very broad sence here

Is Fibbers still considered a rock bar?
Last time I walked in there it was full of students talking with fake L.A accents.
# 20 : Friday 9-6-2017 @ 18:57
Haven't been to Fibbers in donkeys' years. I practically lived there in my college days in the mid 90s. They would ALWAYS play The Temple Of Love by The Sisters Of Mercy. And the things you could get away with in the beer garden!

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