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Sexy Suspenders
# 1 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 10:58
I'm a married gay male. I'd love to try having a guy dominate me. So I'm talking to a guy here, for some time now, who sounds perfect for the job. I hope this will happen sometime.
My problem is that he wants me to wear sexy suspenders. Being a masculine guy, I was a tad taken aback at this initially but he's really keen for me to surrender my male pussy with the suspenders on, to quote him. And I'm finding the idea a bit of a turn-on the more I think on it, to my surprise.
Neither of us wants the whole dressing up thing but he's mad keen on the suspenders. Sounds daft but where can I get them? I don't want to go to Dunnes or anything but I'm not sure how to go about it, size and so on. Any ideas? Thanks.
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# 2 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 11:20
Buy online.
# 3 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 11:56
Can't do that really, wife would want to know what I've been buying. Too messy really. But thanks anyway.
# 4 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 12:33
Well don't know what to say then. Get someone to buy it for you?
# 5 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 13:09
Get him to buy them, that way he can buy exactly what he wants you to wear and you get to wear them!
# 6 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 13:52
That's a simple but very good idea and it might come to that. Ideally I suppose I'd like to have the gear hidden in my home and get used to it myself first. And it would be great to surprise him when I bend over and have a nice sexy outfit on for him. And for me, I must admit. But that's an idea, thanks.
# 7 : Thursday 20-7-2017 @ 12:10

There are loads of them on eBay !
# 8 : Sunday 23-7-2017 @ 09:22
Thanks Dave, but they would have to be delivered to my home address, not an option really. And I'm not sure how my mates would react if I asked to send them to their homes - me in red suspenders might be a step too far for our (straight) friendships!
# 9 : Sunday 23-7-2017 @ 12:00
I would be happy to meet you and go into a shop and get them for you, no problem!
# 10 : Monday 24-7-2017 @ 09:02
Use Parcel Motel, and collect parcels at your local filling station.
# 11 : Saturday 19-8-2017 @ 16:06
Miss fantasia in Dublin ask for justin
# 12 : Sunday 20-8-2017 @ 09:19
Thanks Cathy, I'll check that out, appreciate the post.
# 13 : Sunday 20-8-2017 @ 09:43
was it just me or did anyone else giggle a little bit after reading that there is someone who works in a sex shop called "Just in"?
# 14 : Sunday 20-8-2017 @ 16:29
Well thanks a heap Smurfette! Here I am, trying to get myself (male) fixed up with female suspenders etc, trying to build up the courage to go into the shop and ask for Justin, and you come out with your comment. I couldn't possibly ask for the guy now without thinking of your joke and I just know I won't be able to keep a straight face........!
# 15 : Saturday 14-10-2017 @ 00:42
I hope I dont seem a complete insensitive ass, but you say you are married. What about your poor wife? I would suggest you deal with that first before worrying about suspenders, you are going to turn her life upside down if she finds out. Best break free from your marriage first and then be who you want to be and buy your own suspenders guilt free! Best of luck, seize the life you want, dont live someone elses expectation of you. x
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