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Sexy Suspenders
# 16 : Saturday 14-10-2017 @ 11:26
A bit over the top, no? So the guy wants to buy suspenders, big effing deal! Hardly earth shattering news for the wife.
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# 17 : Saturday 14-10-2017 @ 11:28
You don't know me,or my circumstances and how life turned out for me in this regard.

Me, I learned that life can be a difficult challenge and it's best not to pass judgement as readily as you have on other folk.

Try being kind and understanding. There's enough anger, hate and aggression in the world without you adding to the bonfire.

John Healy said it best many decades ago - "Slowly we learn".
# 18 : Friday 1-12-2017 @ 13:13
Did you end up going through with it ?

I would also like to give it a go - have loads of suspenders too.
# 19 : Saturday 2-12-2017 @ 09:39
No, not yet Dave, though I still want to. The guy I was hoping to do this for has been out of action lately for health reasons but he would still be very keen for me to do it.
I'm still kind of very surprised how much the idea turns me on. He's a very dominant kind of man and I feel very submissive when we communicate and this would add greatly to his pleasure and I think to my sense of submission. Hope that makes sense!
# 20 : Saturday 14-4-2018 @ 21:36
There is a much simpler solution.Do yourself a favour, face up to who you really are, embrace it and leave your wife. You say you are gay, that is very definite so why be cruel to your wife? Do the decent thing and end your marriage.Then give yourself some time and be you. Later in life you will be thankful you made the decision, there is nothing more beautiful and less stressful than being yourself. Best of luck and enjoy your real life dreams and wants.
# 21 : Monday 16-4-2018 @ 10:47
My wife and I have a very close relationship and I think that it would be cruel to her to do as you suggest. Not to mention kids & wider family.
This is a part of me with a long history. I thought I could park it somehow but as i came to realize over time, a homosexual drive is a very powerful one, and one that needs release.
I know the risks, and take great care in my dealings with other males. Believe me, this is quite complex but I do my very best to deal with it.
Thanks for the reply, I sense, unlike some others here, that you are genuine in what you're saying.
# 22 : Saturday 28-4-2018 @ 00:11
Since my previous posts were deleted and I got a slap on the wrists for not giving advice and in the interests of not getting into further trouble I'll give you advice only about this "I don't want to go to Dunnes or anything but I'm not sure how to go about it, size and so on. Any ideas? Thanks." and not mention the other stuff, take it or leave it it's up to you.

I've no idea how heavy you are or how tall you are so all I can tell you is how sizes work and then you can work it out yourself. I'll do suspenders sizes first and tights next. Most women's clothes come in sizes like a size 12 or 14 etc whereas most men's clothes come in inches like a 34 inch waist or a 36 inch waist so Suspender belts come in women's sizes. To convert them from women sizes to men's sizes start at a women's size 12, a women's size 12 is a 32 inch waist so if your jeans are 32 inch waist then you are a size 12 WAIST in women's sizes (waist is in capitals there because a size 12 will work for a 32 inch waist but not necessarily your whole body so just because a size 12 suspender belt will fit doesn't mean a size 12 dress or blouse will, that probably doesn't apply to you but others reading this it might so I just want to make that clear). After that a size 14 is 34 inch waist, size 16 is a 36 inch waist, 18 is a 38 inch waist and so on, basically for every 2 sizes you go up in women's waist sizes you add 2 inches but most suspender belts are elastic anyway so you'll have an inch give room either way.

Tights are different, men don't really understand the categories so they come in 3 main categories, Tights, Holdups and Stockings. Tights are the ones that go all the way up kind of like leggings, Holdups are the ones go up to your thighs but have an elastic band at the top so stay held up without the need for suspender belts and stockings again go up to the thighs but have no elastic band so are held up with suspenders. they come in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra large and XXL. These sizes are in relation to your height not your weight so Small would be about 5'5 in height, medium would be about 5'8, large would be about 6 foot but even though they are a stretchy material that size is based on a woman's body shape not a mans and a mans thigh is a lot thicker than a woman's of equal height so generally going up one size would probably be a better fit.

As for not going into Dunnes or anything there is no reason not to, for all anyone would know you are buying them for your wife and your only other options are buying them online which means you have to get them mailed to your house which I doubt you want or buying them in a sex shop where you will be ripped of for something you could easily buy in Dunnes or Penneys for one tenth of the price so the logical option is to just ignore the embarrassment and go for the cheaper option but that's up to you at the end of the day.

# 23 : Monday 7-5-2018 @ 08:08
just go into dunnes or pennys and buy some a lot of guys do it no body says anything now a daythe best way to think about size is what waist size are you if you are say 32 inch waist then get a size 12 would like to see you in them
# 24 : Monday 7-5-2018 @ 14:38
Someone said :
A bit over the top, no? So the guy wants to buy suspenders, big effing deal! Hardly earth shattering news for the wife.

It will be, if he looks better in them than her?
# 25 : Tuesday 8-5-2018 @ 11:01
Thanks Rayo, if and when I get them, I'll certainly let you have a look!
# 26 : Monday 24-12-2018 @ 23:05
You started this post on the 8-6-2017 so a year later you still have not bought them.
# 27 : Monday 22-4-2019 @ 09:31
Hi hru
# 28 : Monday 22-4-2019 @ 09:31
# 29 : Monday 22-4-2019 @ 09:32
What do u think of men in stockings myself
# 30 : Thursday 25-4-2019 @ 14:16
What do mean 'MYSELF'? I'm a bit confused but that's easily done.......
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