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The George And Hearing Damage
# 46 : Sunday 25-6-2017 @ 13:14
Someone said :
I very badly damaged my hearing and developed tinnitus for life when I was 19 and fell asleep beside a speaker in Fibber McGees heavy rock bar in Dublin in early 1994. The tinnitus was absolute hell at the time and it took a course to Valium to help deal with the loud, constant ringing in my ears.

I generally bring earplugs to loud venues these days. Usually works.

I agree that bars and clubs play their music far too loud. It's sad when you can't even talk to another person in a bar because the music's too loud.

Jupiterkid, I had sympathy for you when you shared your story of falling asleep beside a speaker and the damage you did to your hearing . The bouncers should have noticed you and removed you for your own safety. They didn't because they obviously didn't care and were ignorant of the danger you were in. I brought up this subject to help raise awareness and prevent other people from suffering from hearing damage at music venues. I don't know why you try to insult me by referring to my comments as inane and ill-informed rants. I stand over everything I've said from what I've observed. I know the vast majority of young people didn't wear earplugs to loud music venues for decades and still don't do so now. I know lots of famous musicians and celebrities have hearing damage because they didn't wear them either. I just searched for musicians earplugs on a well known musical instrument shop in Dublin and they don't even sell them. You said yourself that you only started wearing them AFTER your hearing was damaged. I believe that ultimately the Government were at fault for allowing music venues to play music at extremely dangerous volumes around vulnerable people under the influence of alcohol without any attempt to exercise a duty of care towards them. They were advised for years to introduce limiters at these venues but sat on their hands. It was highly irresponsible and totally unfair to expect young people to remember to bring a set of earplugs to music venues where there were no signs warning them these venues were not in compliance with Noise Level legislation and there were no suitable earplugs available for them at these venues.. The consequences of this will start to emerge over the coming years and it's a shame on those responsible for ensuring these venues complied with health and safety laws which they didn't for decades.

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