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Customer Service Etiquette
# 1 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 14:11
I would like to know what people out there think, when it comes to customer service etiquette:

here is an example.
You are being seen to by someone in the chemist.
A query crops up which she has no answer for. The answer is only known by the other assistant.

The one serving you says she will now serve the person behind you in the queue in the meantime, while she is waiting.

Is this acceptable to you?

There are plenty of examples of customer service etiquette. I chose one scenario to keep it simple.
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# 2 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 14:32
I don't see the issue with that particular scenario? While ye are waiting she serves another customer.
# 3 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 14:33
and it's good time management.

the only issue I would perceive in this scenario would be the first customer being seen to, taking umbrage (Need to get over him/herself)
# 4 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 14:37
I don't get it. Did this happen to you? Is this an imagined scenario and the imagined customer has taken offence for no reason?

# 5 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 14:41
No, it didn't happen to me.

At the moment I have a lot of time on my hands and start thinking of different situations.

Hence this thread.

I read somewhere that in some places, if a customer complains, then the assistant in question is remonstrated with, even if s/he did nothing wrong, like in the above hypothetical scenario.

I should have said it was hypothetical in the OP.
# 6 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 14:48
*walks out of room*
# 7 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 15:00
Well if the assistant tells the other assistant that the customer has a query she can carry on serving. The customer then waits for the assistant who has the answer to be ready.
# 8 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 15:01
Is this a trick question?
# 9 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 15:13
no trick questions. Just discussing a scenario.
# 10 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 15:24
Of all the endless possible scenarios in the world you pick waiting in a chemist for a member of staff to answer a question?

You could have had sunset sex on an empty Vietnamese beach with Monica from Friends.
# 11 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 15:45

not everyone thinks of sex.
# 12 : Monday 3-7-2017 @ 15:50
I think you mean not everyone thinks of chemist service etiquette surely?
# 13 : Tuesday 4-7-2017 @ 12:26
This reminds me of a bad customer experience in Boots years ago. I went up to the counter with a few little things and then asked for Nurofen +. Then the lady started asking me tons of questions and said you oh you need to talk to our Chemist first. Meanwhile there was a queue behind me and there was no chemist around. So she cancelled the sale and asked me to step aside and wait. I told her to forget it and walked out. I just use Panadol now.
# 14 : Wednesday 5-7-2017 @ 18:55
ugh, so told you to wait, knowing that there was no chemist around? whoooo.
# 15 : Wednesday 5-7-2017 @ 18:59
Being passed to amother member of staff to answer my query wouldn't be an issue for me.

What does piss me of though is check out staff yapping away to each other while scanning your shopping in a supermarket. I don't care what you're up to this Saturday night...just tot up my fucking shopping!!
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