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Nude Swimming
# 1 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 11:23
Are there any indoor swimming pools that allow for nude swimming? When I was a boy it was quite common in the 40Foot before the ladies moved in, and in the Men's Bathing place as it was on Vico Road. Always wanted to try it........
# 2 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 11:31
The only indoor swimming venue for naturist swimming is Crumlin pool in Dublin which is organised by the Irish Naturist association (INA). I think there is a swim there once a month. They do not permit unmarried men to join this activity.

And that's it, I'm afraid. Unlike the Netherlands where about half of the public pools have designated nude swimming times, open to all. Similar situation in Germany and Scandinavia and, to a lesser extent, France.

For the record the Vico Road bathing area still attracts many nude swimmers, especially on good weather days. I've used it a few times.
# 3 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 12:53
Thanks for that Jupiter.

I imagine the INA would be mixed sexes. I wouldn't be going around with an erection or anything like that, just like the idea of naked males swimming.

Didn't know that about Vico, though when I got in the water at White Rock (in shorts) some years back, the cold nearly killed me and my left testicle wouldn't come back down for some time after. Hence the pool. I'm not a great swimmer so good as it sounds, Vico may not be an option. Except for looking of course!

Thanks again.
# 4 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 18:51
Im actually dying for a swim.. (Not necessarily nude).. good luck with your search
# 5 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 20:11
A man I know (but not very well) has set up a Dublin gay naturists group. I don't know if they go swimming.
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