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Nude Swimming
# 1 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 11:23
Are there any indoor swimming pools that allow for nude swimming? When I was a boy it was quite common in the 40Foot before the ladies moved in, and in the Men's Bathing place as it was on Vico Road. Always wanted to try it........
# 2 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 11:31
The only indoor swimming venue for naturist swimming is Crumlin pool in Dublin which is organised by the Irish Naturist association (INA). I think there is a swim there once a month. They do not permit unmarried men to join this activity.

And that's it, I'm afraid. Unlike the Netherlands where about half of the public pools have designated nude swimming times, open to all. Similar situation in Germany and Scandinavia and, to a lesser extent, France.

For the record the Vico Road bathing area still attracts many nude swimmers, especially on good weather days. I've used it a few times.
# 3 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 12:53
Thanks for that Jupiter.

I imagine the INA would be mixed sexes. I wouldn't be going around with an erection or anything like that, just like the idea of naked males swimming.

Didn't know that about Vico, though when I got in the water at White Rock (in shorts) some years back, the cold nearly killed me and my left testicle wouldn't come back down for some time after. Hence the pool. I'm not a great swimmer so good as it sounds, Vico may not be an option. Except for looking of course!

Thanks again.
# 4 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 18:51
Im actually dying for a swim.. (Not necessarily nude).. good luck with your search
# 5 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 20:11
A man I know (but not very well) has set up a Dublin gay naturists group. I don't know if they go swimming.
# 6 : Wednesday 16-5-2018 @ 17:18
I swim a lot but have not yet done nude swimming. Would love to though.
# 7 : Wednesday 16-5-2018 @ 20:33
Maybe you should try the Vico Road then Soeffingwhat. I was up there some time back and saw a fit man, in his 50's I'd say, gliding through the water, bollock naked. A wonderful sight, I envied him but I know I couldn't swim there, I'm not good enough and too nervous to be honest
# 8 : Wednesday 16-5-2018 @ 21:58
Good news: the INA do admit single men to their swimming sessions, and these are now held at the Mespil Pool in Dublin 4 and soon Ballyfermot pool in Dublin 12. Happy days! Club Aquarius is also a nude swimming group, but it is restricted to married couples and families. They are separate to INA.

There has also been recent changes to the law regarding nudity in public which greatly reforms the outdated and Victorian legislation dating from 1935.

It is expected that Vico Road and a couple of beaches will be designated official nude swimming areas.

I'll post a link up shortly.

# 9 : Wednesday 16-5-2018 @ 23:03
You'd want to be wearing a fur coat in the sea now, still too cold to swim and wouldn't your willy fall off?
# 10 : Wednesday 16-5-2018 @ 23:35
Link to INA (Irish Naturist Association) Facebook Page below. Next nude swim on Sunday May 20th in Ballyfermot.

https://www.facebook.com/Irish-Naturist-Association-2554497578989 etc ...

Nude swimming is a very natural and liberating experience. I swim naked as often as I can, usually abroad. Nothing sexual about it for me but nude swimming and sunbathing is very popular with gay men.

Everyone should try it at least once in their lives. I trust you, for many, once you do you will prefer to swim nude afterwards.

# 11 : Tuesday 12-2-2019 @ 16:56
If you apply to the INA or go along to the pool in the apartment block opposite O'Briens Pub on Leeson St the INA hold a mixed swim there the first Saturday of every month at 5 PM... "Singles" and "Couples" all welcome. The Vico Road swimming ares was officially made a naturist area and legal from May 2018... Directions >

Get the dart to the Dalkey Train Station ask for directions to Vico Rd take the gap in the masonry wall 50 Km up on the left when you enter the gap in the wall follow the path down over the railway track bridge to the small park and picnic area and head down the steps to the railings then turn left you will see the bathing area in front of you... happy days
# 12 : Wednesday 11-9-2019 @ 13:51
Someone said :
Maybe you should try the Vico Road then Soeffingwhat. I was up there some time back and saw a fit man, in his 50's I'd say, gliding through the water, bollock naked. A wonderful sight, I envied him but I know I couldn't swim there, I'm not good enough and too nervous to be honest

Sorry for the delay in replying. thanks for the tip. My Girlfriends parents have a place near a lake in Upstate New York (where she's from) and she's nude swam in it a few times. I haven't visited there yet but I can't wait to do that myself
# 13 : Wednesday 16-10-2019 @ 11:49
Hi damienaaron

Vico Road is now legal for mixed nude bathing so go forth and enjoy
# 14 : Friday 18-10-2019 @ 10:58
Thanks Kenny!
# 15 : Friday 18-10-2019 @ 19:13
Hi again damienaaron

If you join the INA > Irish Naturists Association
They have arranged a nude swim every month on the first Saturday at 5 pm in the pool that is opposite O'Brien's Bar on Leason St Pool it's located in the middle of the Apartment complex called Mespil House Flats (red brick building) opposite the Bar, known as the Mespil Pool Sussex Road D4 I have been there and its very clean plus you have a Steam Room and a Sauna and of course a lovely swim but please note the dressing rooms are communal with plenty of hot showers. Its best you join the organisation that way you will be guaranteed entrance the limit for Health and Safety reasons is 20 people.

INA phone number is 0868370395

Have a super time!


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