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Thai Massages
# 1 : Thursday 6-7-2017 @ 20:29
Hi all. I've recently moved to Dublin having spent some time abroad. I was wonering about thai massages in Dublin. Putting it delicately, do any of them offer extras? I'd like to know aheadd of time after an incident abroad.
# 2 : Friday 7-7-2017 @ 00:36
*pulls up chair* What was the incident abroad?
# 3 : Friday 7-7-2017 @ 12:47
As far as I can see most of them offer extras. These massage parlors are popping up all over the country even in some smaller towns. Handy money 60 Euro for short massage and handjob
# 4 : Friday 7-7-2017 @ 22:43
Dorset street seems to be the place to go for hanky panky, at least that is according to locals who are protesting against punters who are seeking hot play before or after the Coldplay gig in Croker.
# 5 : Sunday 13-8-2017 @ 16:04
I'm with Sugartits on this one, what incident abroad? You can't drop something like that and not fill in the details............
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