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Switching Iphones?
# 1 : Monday 10-7-2017 @ 22:30
My iPhone 3 is coming to the end of it's long life after many happy years and I've an iPhone 4s gathering dust there for about 2 years but was happy with my own phone. How do I switch phones? Can I do it myself and if so how or do I go into an apple shop? It's probably a simple answer but I'm not tech savvy whatsoever.
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# 2 : Monday 10-7-2017 @ 23:41
I don't think there are any Apple shops in Ireland but all the networks offer the phone through various packages.

Your phone is a little old but you should still be able to back it up on itunes on a laptop or pc. I don't recommend icloud backup as that is unreliable. Then when you get a new phone you can copy your settings / photos over to it via itunes aswell.

Edit : in the coming weeks you'll probably see some good deals on the iphone 6s which is the model from two years ago but still a very capable phone with an excellent chipset / camera.
# 3 : Tuesday 11-7-2017 @ 01:50
Back up what on iTunes?
# 4 : Tuesday 11-7-2017 @ 12:55
Contacts, txts, email, photos, apps, app settings, etc.
# 5 : Tuesday 11-7-2017 @ 17:04
What's an iPhone 3?
# 6 : Tuesday 11-7-2017 @ 19:26
Someone said :
What's an iPhone 3?

It's the phone you first uploaded a pic of your hungry hole on grindr.
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