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Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2017
# 166 : Friday 25-8-2017 @ 22:36
Sarah was always gonna win
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# 167 : Friday 25-8-2017 @ 22:59
Helen looked like she didn't want to be there. Was actually hating it.
# 168 : Saturday 26-8-2017 @ 14:54
Anyone know what charity Sarah donated the £50,000 to?

All Nadine's tweets for Sarah are everything! #Gurrrrrrls!

Everyone needs to buy Nadine's new song in 12 days 9hours and 6 minutes. #GoToWork

The other 3 witches - nothing! (I still love you Nicola Roberts)

BB need to up their game. Love Island will continue to kill it as older viewers tune out and younger viewers choose Love Island.
# 169 : Sunday 27-8-2017 @ 11:37
I really liked this season - more so than January with the supposedly bigger stars who did jack shit frankly.

Sarah was a deserving winner when she stopped whining and Chad was a good pal to her. I dread to think how miserable it could have been for her and us if he hadn't been around to keep her somewhat stable.

Next year could be the last series on C5. Another channel might snap it up but it will continue to flounder if the producers Endomol continue the policy of outside interference, shit stirring tasks and the loss of diary room confidentiality.
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