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Rant Thread 7
# 1 : Monday 24-7-2017 @ 20:58
If I see that EIR ad on the tv one more time!!
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# 2 : Tuesday 25-7-2017 @ 16:14
Fucking hate that ad. "Yes I can". No you fucking can't.
# 3 : Tuesday 25-7-2017 @ 16:15
Someone said :
Fucking hate that ad. "Yes I can". No you fucking can't.

Yes I can!
# 4 : Tuesday 25-7-2017 @ 16:16
I bet you fucking can't.
# 5 : Tuesday 25-7-2017 @ 16:18
Totally can bbz!!
# 6 : Tuesday 25-7-2017 @ 17:54
Nah the Post Insurance ads are a true crime against Humanity.
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# 7 : Wednesday 26-7-2017 @ 11:54
Love a good rant me

What grinds my gears today is Tescos. All the workers going up and down the aisles with their stupid carts zapping various products. What do they be at? This is a recent enough thing. Can't remember it happening before a year ago.
They are getting in everybodies way and leaving their carts in stupid places.

You can't get away from them. Theres one or two hovering around each aisle
# 8 : Wednesday 26-7-2017 @ 12:31
Stock-taking day? Some stores do it every quarter.
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# 9 : Wednesday 26-7-2017 @ 12:59
Someone said :
Stock-taking day? Some stores do it every quarter.

No it happens every single day.
# 10 : Tuesday 1-8-2017 @ 13:19
It's bad enough we have to pay for medical treatment and it really pisses me off that a single consultation with a specialist for my sleep apnea cost me 200 Euro, but now I am paying over a hundred a month to rent a CPAP machine and paying 23% VAT on it!

Why is essential medical treatment taxed???
# 11 : Tuesday 1-8-2017 @ 17:04
That sucks it costs so much.

Is the cpap permanent or is there a plan to eventually not need it?
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# 12 : Tuesday 1-8-2017 @ 17:08
It's pretty much permanent, if I lose a lot of weight, like 25- 30 kilos there's a chance i may not need it anymore but this is not guaranteed.

As soon as I know what my job situation is I'm gonna buy my own.

A good one costs about 1200 including accessories so in a year it would pay itself.

Also not totally with happy with the machine I have, the one I had in Germany was far quieter.
# 13 : Tuesday 1-8-2017 @ 17:50
Good luck - wouldn't hurt to chip away at the weight in the meantime. You will be healthier even if the sleep apnea doesn't improve.

I've been having erratic sleep quality for a few years now so I'm going down the allergens / weight loss route. Avoiding dairy and gargling before sleep helps sometimes. The last thing you want to do is exercise after a crappy night's sleep though.
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# 14 : Wednesday 2-8-2017 @ 08:58
Yeah, need to lose the weight anyway so.

I'd lost a load of weight last year, over 20 kilos but put it all back on.
# 15 : Wednesday 2-8-2017 @ 19:09
Lotto guy on TV claims that buying a two go lotto ticket doubles your chance of winning, odds down from ten to five million, either Maths is not his strongest skill or he is one king sized lying bastard, I suspect the latter.
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