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Rant Thread 7
# 241 : Friday 12-4-2019 @ 09:16
Why is Casey getting a profile ? On tv and in newspapers, he hasn’t done anything. Certain channels seem to be promoting him ...he’s still the idiot who doesn’t know or understand anything and now he wants to be a mep ..
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# 242 : Friday 12-4-2019 @ 13:25
No more than Gemma O'Doherty.
# 243 : Monday 22-4-2019 @ 00:21
How were those rancid ra filth allowed to flaunt their grotesque and disgusting hatred down O'Connell Street.? They deserve to be battered to an inch of their lives, ridiculous, pompous prats.
# 244 : Monday 22-4-2019 @ 00:26
Just after Lyra's barbaric death.. I agree, disgusting.. No place for it anymore..
# 245 : Monday 22-4-2019 @ 00:53
I’ve rarely felt more disgusted than when reading this was happening. There was an approved march supporting terrorism in Ireland in 2019
# 246 : Monday 22-4-2019 @ 09:49
Maybe they can identify them now, charge them with being a member of an illegal organisation?
# 247 : Tuesday 23-4-2019 @ 18:41
There are cases in the US right now to remove the constitutional protection for discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation . A court already ruled the constitution only protects on sex not on sexual orientation. So you can be fired for being gay.
Trump and his republican hard right judges are rolling back hard won rights .
# 248 : Wednesday 19-6-2019 @ 23:13
My right eye is fucking killing me. I thought it was a contact lens stuck to it but it's not. I remember a huge fly flying into it the other day. Maybe it's that little fucker. My eye is a bit red and swollen. If it's still like this Friday morning I will have to go to my GP.
# 249 : Thursday 20-6-2019 @ 17:07
How's the eye today, had that issue last week when I got a slap of slag in it a few weeks back.
# 250 : Thursday 20-6-2019 @ 18:12
Ah panic over. It's much better. Still too sore though to wear a contact in it. Will take a break for a couple of days.

What's slag?
# 251 : Thursday 20-6-2019 @ 19:36
Someone said :
Ah panic over. It's much better. Still too sore though to wear a contact in it. Will take a break for a couple of days.

What's slag?

Its the crust, from welding and you chip it off after every weld.
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