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What Did You Buy Today Part Two
# 241 : Tuesday 23-3-2021 @ 20:13
Someone said :

Is it the finger I tore the nail off at DU's flat warming party?

The very same
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# 242 : Wednesday 24-3-2021 @ 08:41
Someone said :
I have my finger on the buy it now button for a guitar.....must resist

Do it!!!
# 243 : Wednesday 24-3-2021 @ 21:43
Oh all right so
# 244 : Wednesday 24-3-2021 @ 22:24
You can blame S4, If the missus gets the credit card bill?
# 245 : Thursday 25-3-2021 @ 08:09

I'm wondering what else i can pin on him

Im not usually a fan of Telecasters but i liked the look of the Paisley one, and its been getting great reviews. For the price its worth a gamble.

I added a DIY kit to the order, ill probably end up replacing the electronics and other bits and pieces, and it gives me a chance to do my own paint job. Unlike most other kits this one is also getting great reviews. My Daughter will have great fun putting it together with me.

I got a decal for an old cheap Jazzmaster i have, it needed some sexing up. It came yesterday and i love it.

# 246 : Sunday 2-5-2021 @ 11:49
A pet carrier cool bag yoke.
# 247 : Sunday 2-5-2021 @ 15:51
Someone said :
A pet carrier cool bag yoke.

For the Kids? How is your mother doing, these days?
# 248 : Sunday 2-5-2021 @ 16:31
Someone said :

For the Kids? How is your mother doing, these days?

For the kids yep.
# 249 : Tuesday 4-5-2021 @ 21:58
An Enacfire Bluetooth speaker.

Have a few different ones in the house for barbecues/picnics etc... Including some pricey Anker ones.
This thing sounds great (not compared to proper hifi separates of course), it has fantastic battery life and is robust with great build quality.
I got it on sale for €22 and it blows an Anker model away which was over twice that price.

Solid bass, decent mids and very little distortion if transmitting from a modern smartphone. I tested it with a wide range of music, from Barber/Iron Maiden/Basshunter and Connie Francis
It's a great little unit.

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