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Unknown Transgender
# 16 : Saturday 14-4-2018 @ 14:41
I am very keen about what you discussed. I love to chat with Transgender people and also find them extremely attractive and even sexy... I love to dress and feel so feminine doing so it is just the person I am and like being open about it my skype is rugbug81 if you want to chat
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# 17 : Saturday 14-4-2018 @ 15:10
Someone said :

What I said is on topic,

"Hi there stranger
Hit me up xxx"

isn't anywhere close to the topic unless we assume I was right in my first post and the OP really was trying to circumvent the classifieds. Lies, deceit, subterfuge, it is all just a rich tapestry.

I was agreeing with you to a point. Get off that high horse
# 18 : Thursday 26-4-2018 @ 00:57
Someone said :

I was agreeing with you to a point. Get off that high horse

My bad then, sorry
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